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100 Great Zimbabweans: And the winners are…

100 Great Zimbabweans: And the winners are…

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The City of Harare in partnership with AB Communications’ ZiFM Stereo; ZB Bank; CBZ; World Vision; DHL; and AMH, publishers of NewsDay, the Zimbabwe Independent, and The Standard; among others, came together to honor Zimbabweans who have made extraordinary sacrifices in their various communities.

100 Great Zimbabweans were named for these awards held on Tuesday in Harare, Zimbabwe. And perhaps the one great Zimbabwean who was not on the awards recipient list but is pictured in nearly every image handing out awards, is the Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi, Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry for the Republic of Zimbabwe.

The Hon. Mzembi is a shining example of a great Zimbabwaean. He has been the current Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry for the Republic of Zimbabwe since 2009, and a member of Parliament for the Masvingo South Constituency since 2004 and the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Regional Commission for Africa Chairperson from 2013 to date.

His experience in the world of tourism is broad and includes such international positions as Chairman of the Southern Africa Development Community Committee of Tourism Ministers in 2015, UNWTO Executive Council Member from 2009 to 2013, UNWTO Co-President in Session 20 of the General Assembly from 2013-2015, as well as President of the Africa Travel Association (New York-based) 3 times.

Working hard in the field of tourism, he has achieved quite a number of global honors himself – truly too many to name them all here, but in the past couple of years alone, he received the Most Consumer Focused Executive-Service Excellence Awards (2014), Customer Contact Centre; Tourism Image Builder of the Year (2014), Megafest Tourism Awards; Exceptional Contribution to Marketing (2015), Marketers Association of Zimbabwe; Customer Service Executive of the Year-Service Excellence in the Public Sector (2015), Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.

Now let’s take a look at who the other great Zimbabweans name to the top 100 list were.


Mugwagwa’s passion is to help people start, run and grow their businesses. He is the co-founder of the entroy group which has various ventures including an equity crowdfunding company called entroy equity.


Tatadzei “Mr. Hosho” Chimanga of the Air Force of Zimbabwe learnt to play the hosho (percussion) in early childhood. While in Grade three at Nyamakosi Primary School, he had already mastered the art of playing hosho. during his final year at Nyamakosi, the founder of Zvishamiso Zvevapostori Bishop Mufuka had already seen that the boy exhibited special hosho-playing skills and he travelled with him during his crusades. He has since become a household name.


Nyasha Mharakurwa is Zimbabwe Wheelchair tennis Paralympian, born with a congenital deformity, a physical abnormality that affected his legs. a multi-talented sportsman had sporting artistry that saw him becoming a formidable wheelchair racer and a wheel chair basketball player during his youthful days.


Dr. Guramatunhu is an eye specialist who has been in the medical field for over 30 years. He is a member of the international Cataract and Refractive Surgery Society of Southern Africa, the international Society of Refractive Surgery, the Corneal Society and the European Vitreo-retinal Society and Euretina. Guramatunhu is also the patron of the Zimbabwe Rural Schools Library Trust.


Tanyaradzwa Adel Muzinda is a young talented Zimbabwean motocross rider who has won the award for junior sportswoman of the year at the 2015 edition of the Annual Sports Awards.


Collecting on behalf of Phillip Mataranyika, the co-founder and Chief Executive officer of the Nyaradzo Group of Companies which was formed in March 2001 as Nyaradzo Funeral services. He is a graduate from the Institute of Marketing Management of south Africa. He was part of old Mutual for fifteen years. He has won many accolades which include the businessman of the year award in 2010. the company was formed after partnering with Farai Rwodzi and timothy Chiganze in 2001, with the sole objective of providing funeral services that are in sync with the perceived African culture. He has won several awards since 1996.


Obert Masaraure is an activist fighting for the provision of decent education for the schoolchildren of Zimbabwe. He also works to ensure that teachers in rural areas are assisted to access adequate facilities, electricity and proper sanitation. He has organized the rural Teachers association Union (rTUZ) to give teachers a voice and to begin correcting the wrongs. Under his leadership the membership of rTUZ has grown to 35,000.


Farai Mpfunya is the founding and Executive Director of the culture Fund of Zimbabwe Trust, a not-for-pro t development organization serving as an active social transformation agent, working within communities through investments in innovative and sustainable creative sector capacities.


Cosmas and Priscilla Rongoti are the founders of Shanduko Yeupenyu child Care Trust.


Collecting on behalf of Charlene Herwat, the chief executive officer of Environment Africa. Herwat is a highly respected, experienced and passionate conservationist, environmental development leader and sustainable development practitioner. Charlene has spent the last 25 years dedicated to Zimbabwe and Southern Africa, to improving and uplifting communities lives through her strong belief in developing self-sustainability and to the protection and conservation of the environment.


Ekenia Chifamba has helped thousands of girls in need in the country, including rape survivors and those in need of education as well as victims of child marriages through her organization, Shamwari Yemwanasikana. Over 35,000 girls belong to clubs sponsored by the organization, of empowering programs that include promoting leadership skills, career guidance, and confidence building.


Charlene Mangweni is a prolific actress. a BeS graduate, she was the best student in print media and the best student post attachment in electronic media and has starred in the 2010 production, Withered Petals and is part of the cast of the local movie, Chinhoyi 7, a forthcoming movie aimed at addressing misconceptions around the country’s history.

PHOTO: Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi

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