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Are Nissan’s Reliable Cars?

Are Nissan’s Reliable Cars?

While most of the Japanese brands are known as being reliable, there are always those that don’t quite fit the pattern – but is Nissan one of these brands? We’ve decided to look deeper into whether or not the Nissan brand is as reliable, even bought second hand from Nissan Dealers Essex, as the rumors suggest.

So what makes them reliable?

Japanese cars as a whole are often known for their longevity, and so it should be no surprise that Nissan’s cars are no different. This affordable brand uses good technology, but not necessarily the most expensive or modern in their cars as some of the more luxury brands available on the market, but this is definitely by no means a bad thing. New technologies can be quite unreliable and often break, with the added downside that it is then expensive to repair and can take a long time to do it if you can afford it. The dependability is massively affected because of this, but this isn’t the case with a Nissan. Their reliability and dependability can partly be down to this, which can also explain why some of their older, cheaper models end up having a higher reliability than their more expensive counterparts.

Most Reliable Models?

The reliability of your Nissan vehicle will ultimately come down to which model you have. The Micra is quite possibly one of the most reliable, best value models that money can buy when it comes to a Nissan vehicle. The Reliability Index score is only 34, which is an extremely good score – the lower the number, the more reliable a vehicle is. The compact model is perfect for new drivers and as a first car, and it’s not difficult to see why. The Note is also very reliable, with a score of 33. The costs of repair average at about £237 and almost every feature it has scores above industry average. Th Quashqai on the other hand, isn’t the most reliable model as far as the score goes compared to the Micra or the Note, but it scores better than average compared to other brands and models. It’s dependability is still good, and so it’s no wonder that it still counts as one of the most reliable Nissan models.

Least Reliable Models?

However, like with any brand, Nissan has models that let down its reliable name. With a Reliability Index score of 198, the Navara is one of the least reliable cars to exist. The car fails regularly, the repair costs are extortionate, and the average time that each car is off of the road due to repairs is higher than any other Nissan model. It has a low mileage lifespan, and all of this combines to give a reliability score that is higher than the overall average of 100. Similarly, the Nissan Pathfinder isn’t much better.

Nissan are a reliable brand overall, you just have to know which models to focus on. Their most popular models are popular for good reason, appearing to be better than average on the Reliability Index, but there are downfalls in the way of their Navara and Pathfinder models. In short, picking and choosing your model and how new or old it is can benefit you, but overall, you’ll find that Nissan is a good, dependable brand to buy.

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