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Avani Seychelles Resort takes cultural tourism to new heights with its Creole Cabaret

Avani Seychelles Resort takes cultural tourism to new heights with its Creole Cabaret

Ushering in the New Year 2017, Avani Seychelles Resort has unveiled a comprehensive entertainment program featuring three of Seychelles’ most prominent artists.

As the hotel establishes itself as the flag bearer of the country’s cultural tourism revolution espoused by former Seychelles Tourism Minister Alain St.Ange, the Kreol Cabaret 2017 program was launched on Thursday 5th January at a press conference at the hotel.

The local press and TV stations were invited for the presentation of the three artists selected for this year’s cabaret series. They are Patrick Victor, Jean Marc Volcy and Sandra Esparon who will be performing in turn the last Friday of every month with Sandra kicking off on January 27.

The three artists are musical icons in their own rights and have a huge local fan base. They will surely bring their own style and cachet to the Cabaret, which will showcase a multi-faceted aspect of our Creole culture and expose our visitors to some of the best performances that the country has to offer.

“I will quote Minister St. Ange, who used to say that ‘Seychelles is not only beautiful islands with beautiful beaches and palm trees. It is rich in culture’ – and we want to showcase this,” said Stephane Vilar, General Manager of Avani Seychelles.

Avani Seychelles was unanimously commended for this initiative by the artists as they felt it contributed to the development of the Seychellois culture and traditions which are in danger of fading away.

The Cabaret will propose a Creole Fusion sit down dinner with the pulsating show, which is bound to keep the audience in awe throughout the evening. 2017 will culminate in a big finale at the end of November whereby all the three artists will perform together.

Visitors and locals are invited to partake in these unique cultural events and tickets for the Creole dinner with show are selling now.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

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