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Digital tools for digital nomads

Digital tools for digital nomads

The thought of being a digital nomad usually makes people think of working from a hammock underneath the palm trees on a sunny beach. The truth is: Freelancing is not an easy job, and those who decide to start working independently need to rely on their assertiveness, flexibility and organizational skills. Although most future digital nomads are more or less aware of the challenges that await them, unexpected problems often wait around the corner. In fact, freelancing also means that you have to deal with some technical and organizational issues that you didn’t ever wonder about while working as an employee.

Lightweight and efficient equipment

Keep it light! As a freelance writer, you are hopefully going to travel a lot. A lightweight backpack is decisive when it comes to finding good deals for flight tickets and avoiding long waiting times at the baggage carousel. Some digital nomads manage to travel only with a 10-kilogram bag which they take into the cabin as hand baggage on each and every flight. In order to minimize your luggage weight, you should consider using ultraportable laptops whose weight usually doesn’t exceed two to three pounds. Don’t forget to stick to the allowances for carry-on bags.

Another aspect that is crucial to efficient freelance working equipment is a long lasting battery for all your electronic devices. While traveling, you may often lack sufficient energy supply for your equipment. A strong battery and an additional power bank are useful gadgets which really allow you to work from anywhere you want, even from the beach.

Flexible project management

When working on your own website and building an online portfolio, you will sometimes find that you’ll require more server space to cope with getting more visitors. One of the best ways to manage this is a cloud server, as the requirements you need can be adjusted on a whim. A dynamic cloud server helps you to be flexible when you find that you want more SSD storage or number of vCores, for example. It’s certainly worth a freelancer looking into, especially when the entire goal is to have as many people across the world checking out your website!

Online tools for organizing your work

Working as a digital nomad will confront you with a flood of individual bills. If you are only used to receive your monthly pay cheque, you will most probably need the help of an online tool. Zoho or Capterra are applications that organize your accounting, payments and invoicing at once, and these will help you a great deal when it comes to keeping track of your financial situation.


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