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Discover the best beaches in the Caribbean

Discover the best beaches in the Caribbean

While warm and sunny tropical beaches are the stuff that dreams are made of any time of the year, late winter in the weeks leading up to that much longed for the first day of spring is when that longing is almost overwhelming. It’s hard to believe that you’ve already lived through several months of arctic temperatures and snow piled up past your windowsills.

With many weeks left to endure, doesn’t a week in the Caribbean sound like heaven? In fact, two sounds even better! It’s time to discover the best of the Caribbean on to find that idyllic beach that will set you over the edge. Make your plans now before someone gets there first! For starters, check out these three beaches.

1. Anguilla

Located in the eastern Caribbean, this British Overseas Territory doesn’t really get the press it deserves. Rated as the #1 beach in the Caribbean by US News, there is plenty to do and see while staying at some of the finest world-class resorts, or in the much more tranquil setting of a beachfront villa. Whether you just want to relax and soak up the sun, enjoy an active nightlife, enjoy a day cruise or even snorkel off the coast, Anguilla has it all.

2. The British Virgin Islands

Speaking of British Overseas Territories, next on the list would actually be any one of the British Virgin Islands. Located to the southeast of Anguilla and to the east of Puerto Rico, there are 60 islands in all, only 15 of which are inhabited. This would be the place to go for more than just a stay on the beach, lovely though that is.

As volcanic islands, the terrain is hilly and rugged, which makes a perfect vacation for anyone wanting to work off some of the couch potato blues. Hiking is a favorite activity for those who want something more than sandy tropical beaches, but there is plenty of nightlife as well.

3. Musha Cay in the Bahamas

If you are looking for a truly magical experience on a 150-acre luxury retreat island privately owned by none other than Illusionist, David Copperfield. However, the magic of Musha Cay is not an illusion and the way in which all guests are pampered at the resort makes that quite clear. Spend your days basking in the rays of the sun, take out a speedboat or enjoy a meal prepared by world-famous chefs and you will know what it’s like to live the life of the rich and famous. Bookings can be made for parties up to 24 and this is why it is a popular island resort for business professionals who’ve earned that extra bit of R&R.

Whether you plan to spend a few nights, a week or an extended vacation in the Caribbean, plan to have the time of your life. Always book as early as possible, especially in high season, which is typically mid-winter, because these luxury resorts do tend to fill up during the busy season. Even so, any time of year in paradise is well worth the wait.

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