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Good news! No plague in Seychelles

Good news! No plague in Seychelles

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All samples from patients in Seychelles that were sent to Institut Pasteur Paris, a WHO partner laboratory in Paris, France, have been tested by using the PCR technique (Polymerase Chain Reaction), and it was a confirmed that all were negative. All the patients who were isolated on the ward have now been discharged home, including the index case without any further risk.

All admitted persons were on antibiotics, including second line. As of today, all persons who were still on passive surveillance have completed their time, and those who were still on antibiotics can stop.

Last night four Seychellois and one American were admitted at the Perseverance military academy. They had arrived through Mauritius from Madagascar. They are well and will remain there until October 24. The American is leaving Seychelles today. Three other Seychellois nationals who returned via Nairobi a week ago were released to go home this morning. A French national who left Madagascar on October 13 via Reunion will remain in the facility until tomorrow, October 19. Two Australians have also been discharged today.

WHO is working with the Seychelles health authorities to reduce the risk of plague spreading from neighboring Madagascar, which faces an unprecedented outbreak that has killed more than 70 people since August. No plague cases have been confirmed in the Seychelles.

Alongside support for laboratory testing, WHO has deployed experts and medical supplies to the 115-island country. The organization is advising the Government of Seychelles on the implementation of public health measures that are in line with the WHO International Health Regulations, such as enhanced surveillance, isolation and treatment of suspect cases, contact tracing and prophylactic treatment of potential contacts. WHO currently assesses the risk of spread of plague in the Seychelles to be low.

The Plague outbreak in Madagascar persists and is expanding into new areas. However, there is now a strong WHO and other partners’ support in the field that is doing active contact tracing and providing prophylaxis. About 3,000 current contacts are on prophylaxis. Mauritius has reported a suspected case but the person has since been tested negative and was discharged. All countries in the region are on heightened surveillance and have issued a travel advisory.

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