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Guests forced to stay at Ritz Carlton Hotel to be taken prisoners

Guests forced to stay at Ritz Carlton Hotel to be taken prisoners

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Marriott operates Ritz Carlton and loves this Saudi Arabian Prison. The Ritz Carlton in Riyadh has been commandeered to house almost 50 Saudi royals and dignitaries arrested by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s anti-corruption committee.

The group reportedly includes military officials and government ministers as well as 11 princes — among them Prince Alwaleed bin Talal whose US$10 billion fortune makes him the 10th richest man on the planet.

Construction tycoon Bakr Bin Laden, billionaire Saleh Kamal, and Waleed al-Ibrahim, owner of the influential Arab satellite network MBC, are also believed to be in detention at the hotel.

The Ritz’s paying guests were told to leave their rooms, walk away from their dinners and leave their mocktails at the bar at around 11 pm on Saturday.

They were ordered to gather into the lobby with their baggage and whisked off to other hotels in the Saudi Arabian capital.

From midnight, buses arrived in the sprawling complex delivering princes, business leaders, other royals, their guards, and their captors.

“The arrivals marked the start of an extraordinary episode that exposed the kingdom’s elite to rare public scrutiny and showed that, even when accused of high crime, the powerful maintain privileges.

“By dawn on Sunday, more than 30 of Saudi Arabia’s most senior figures, among them blood relatives of senior rulers, were locked inside the hotel, accused of corruption.

Arrested Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s owns the competing Four Seasons Hotel Group; he also owns Price Club and a good percentage of Twitter.

US President Trump stayed at the Ritz Carlton Waikiki, even though the Trump Tower is only a half-mile away.

What is it with Marriott and Ritz Carlton?

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