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How will Brexit affect British flyers?

How will Brexit affect British flyers?

British airlines will have to quit air passenger rights agreements as well as lose all aviation rights that were set under an internal EU aviation market policy back in 1990 once Brexit takes hold. How else might British flyers be affected by this change?

It is still unclear how the prospective withdrawal due to Brexit – almost a year away – will affect British flyers. The current air passenger law protects air travelers against cancelled, delayed and overbooked flights but with Britain set to leave the union in March 2019, such rights will no longer apply to UK citizens. Just like any other EU law, the regalement will lose its powers leaving 28% of European passengers without a chance for flight compensations.

The intra EU market was established to ensure the freedom of air transport setting rights to fly to, from and within any country in the bloc, yet Britain now has less than two years to renegotiate access or come up with an alternative system. Yet instead of waiting for the authorities’ decision, some British carriers have started to abort the sinking ship by taking individual action.

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