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Korean Tourism Damyang: A garden without bamboo is a day without sunshine

Korean Tourism Damyang: A garden without bamboo is a day without sunshine

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In Korea it’s a popular tourist destination, outside Korea it’s hardly known. In Damyang a  saying is, a garden without bamboo is a day without sunshine. Damyang is a hidden Korean tourist destination like no other

Damyang is a secret and hidden opportunity for anyone visiting Korea.

Damyang is one of the northernmost places in the world where bamboo can be found on the Korean peninsula, and its bamboo forests are well-known among Koreans.

Many touristic attractions have been created to leverage that reputation: a Bamboo Theme Park  Daenamugol, a Bamboo Museum, a Damyang Bamboo Festival, a park filled with green bamboo.

Various national treasures include pagodas, overall, 66 properties, including 15 at the nationally protected, and 51 protected by the province.  Some are now used as boutique hotels.

A stretch of metasequoia trees just outside Damyang-eup, planted during the Park Chung-Hee administration in the 1970s, has a long walking path of about two kilometers. The trees are particularly striking in late October to early November when their leaves turn bright colors. The walk gained nationwide popularity after a romantic drama was shot here. It was even picked as one of the most beautiful roads in all of Korea.

In Damyang a visitor can find food nit available elsewhere. The most popular specialties include Damyang ddeok galbi : This tasty and juicy marinated beef and pork mix, usually grilled at the table, is supposed to have originated either in Damyang.

Korean dramas have become a significant source of revenue for tourism, and many counties sponsor series or compete to host a few film shootings. Sometimes they hit a jackpot similar to the localities ‘blessed’ with Winter Sonata’s visit. Damyang boasts its metasequoia path and a ‘movie village’

Infrastructure has followed the natural assets, and tourists can stay in themed resorts with local features such as hot baths perfumed with bamboo.

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