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Leaving a legacy of law and travel writing: Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson

Leaving a legacy of law and travel writing: Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson

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It is with great sadness that eTurboNews learned that one of its regular contributors, the Hon. Thomas A. Dickerson, has passed away. He died on July 26, 2018 from cardiac issues at the age of 74.

Tom has written 63 weekly articles for eTN for several years, and based on the tracking of his articles, he was a well-followed writer by our subscribers. His articles focused on liability issues in the travel and tourism sector, giving us insight into how the law perceives what is fair and how justice prevails when travel goes awry.

Click here to see a list of 63 articles the Honorable Thomas A. Dickerson wrote for eTN.

Judge Dickerson was concerned with the terror incidents that were occurring around the globe, and a Terror Tourism Update became a weekly part of his regular articles. What we so appreciated about his articles in this section was his touch of humor – something so necessary in the times we live in.

We are grateful to his family and especially his son, William Dickerson, for sharing his eulogy with us, which we would like to share with our readers. We came to know him in ways we did not know him through his son’s beautiful tribute. In it, William says:

“He once told me what life’s purpose was. A human being must do two things: 1. Procreate; and 2. Leave something behind. It was that simple. Number one is obvious, and number two, for my father, it’s his writing—his treatises, books, articles and judicial opinions, of which he wrote over 200 in 23 years.

“He was a pragmatist, and while at times I may have yearned for more complex answers to life’s riddles, I know that I will appreciate his pragmatism more and more, each day, as I grow older. He instilled in me the value of hard work and the importance of learning—he was a voracious learner who absorbed the wonders of the world and the lessons of history each day of his life, up until the day he died.”

Read the full eulogy and see shared images of Tom’s life here.

eTN Publisher Juergen Steinmetz said: “Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife, Patricia, and the entire Dickerson family. Rest in peace and love, Tom.”

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