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North America’s first ever Flying Car School opens

North America’s first ever Flying Car School opens

Opening of the first ever Flying Car school in North America announced

PAL-V announced today the opening of the first ever Flying Car school in North America, in a day long event designed to introduce prospective customers to flying in a vehicle similar to the PAL-V Liberty Flying Car.

Utah is a stunning and practical location for the first ever Flying Car School in North America. The region is easy to access geographically, has a good network of general aviation airports and offers mountain flying experience that will benefit the future owners of PAL-V flying cars. The added value is the selection of already qualified and reputable gyroplane instructors in the area.

“We are very excited to make this announcement today and even more enthused that we are going to be working with Gyroplane training guru, Phil Harwood and the IAPGT (International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training) to do whatever we can to help create standardized flight training programs around the world to ensure our clients are both safe and proficient at flying their PAL-V,” said Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V.

The day long event in Roosevelt, Utah will include some of PAL-V’s clients, VIP’s and media with a familiarization to gyroplane flying and the ability to fly in several different models of gyroplane.

“The most important thing for PAL-V is to ensure the safety of its clients is at the forefront of every decision we make. For that reason we are in the process of selecting our home base for North American clients flight training requirements. We are currently in discussions with two first class facilities to enable us to hone in on the best quality opportunity,” said Mark Jennings-Bates, VP Sales for PAL-V in North America, adding, “The fact that clients get to learn to fly their flying car in a mountain setting is simply added value and will also serve to demonstrate how stable the PAL-V flying car platform is in mountain winds.”

While pre-sales of the PAL-V Liberty continue in North America, the company expects that phase to be complete towards the end of the year. As a result it became necessary to commence flight training for their clients and establish a network of regional training opportunities in strategic locations in North America, the first of which will be in Utah.

The PAL-V flying car uses gyroplane technology for stable and safe flight and as such, clients will be learning to fly on modern gyroplane equipment which is very popular with clients, very safe to fly and is becoming more accepted by the regulators in North America as a safe and popular alternative to fixed wing aviation.

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