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Reunion: State of Tourism according to Didier Robert President Regional Council

Reunion: State of Tourism according to Didier Robert President Regional Council

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Satisfaction at the highestIn addition to an unprecedented number of visitors, the quality of the tourist services offered on the island and the interest of the destination were greeted by the overwhelming majority of visitors: 99% of tourists who declare that the interest of the destination is very satisfactory or satisfactory .

Local tourism in good shape

The local clientele represents a non-negligible part of the Reunion tourism activity. In the first half of the year, Reunion residents are responsible for 2.38 million tourist stays and 2.6 million overnight stays, which represents 168 million euros of profit for Reunion tourism professionals. At the same time, the local population made more than 11.4 million tourist excursions on the territory, of which 2 194 000 included a paying activity. The revenue from these excursions is estimated at 112 million euros . Local tourism is therefore a real financial windfall for the entire economic sector and represents, in total, nearly 280 million euros in revenue on these first months of the year. Added revenue recorded by foreign tourism, the figure thus bringing to nearly 475 million the tourism revenue for the first half of the year 2018 !

Cruises on the rise

Outside tourists are more likely to choose to travel to Reunion by sea. Between January and April 2018, 22 cruise ships anchored near our shores for a stopover compared to only 15 last year at the same time. On this occasion, more than 23,000 passengers have made the choice to land and visit our island, more than double what was recorded last year over the same period.

The year 2018 is promising for tourism, because if record numbers have already been achieved in terms of tourism receipts and attendance, many more will be achieved in the coming months: the number of foreign tourists and cruise passengers should continue to grow, as well as tourism revenues recorded locally to achieve the stated goal of 365 million daily tourism expenditures.

Source: Aviation, Travel & Conservation News from Eastern Africa & the Indian Ocean islands (ATC) & IRT / MTA 2018 tourist attraction survey

The data from the 2018 visitor survey are the results of surveys conducted at Réunion airports by the MTA design office.

MTA is a consulting firm specializing in the world of air transport since 1992, he worked mainly in mainland France, in Europe and in the Caribbean zone

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