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Video: American Airlines Crew hitting a lady passenger with a baby

Video: American Airlines Crew hitting a lady passenger with a baby
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It happened yesterday at San Francisco International Airport on board American Airlines flight AA 591. A mother was initially told she could bring her stroller onboard the flight but after boarding, the attendant told her it was not possible. Then an argument ensued and the flight attendant violently took a stroller from the lady with her baby. The flight attendant hit her and just missed the baby. Then he tried to fight a passenger who stood up for her. The mother and her baby were escorted off the flight. The flight attendant was allowed back on board and tried to fight another passenger.

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The lady passenger asked for an apology and American Airlines declined to apologize, but according to local media reports upgraded the passenger to first class as a token of appreciation.

It’s a federal crime and felony in the United States for an airline passenger interfering with a flight crew. The bad part is there are no due process rights for passengers.  Cases include federal convictions and two-year long prison time for amorous conduct on a US aircraft, including the crime of breastfeeding a baby.

The Patriot Act made it possible and needs to be reviewed.

Within one week United Airlines had airport security drag a passenger out of an overbooked jet, and now an American Airlines flight attendant assaulted a female passenger with a baby.

DOT, FAA and law enforcement should get names and contact info of passengers who witnessed this and investigate promptly. An investigation should not just rely on American Airlines.

The two incidents demonstrate that some Flight attendants have a systemic bad attitude problem, retraining is needed.

According to Paul Hudson, president of,  passengers are not going to tolerate this abusive conduct by US airlines any longer.

US carriers are likely to see a big decline in international passengers and could be penalized by foreign governments by this behavior.

Similar media reports of airline abuse of passengers are coming in from the UK, Canada, Spain and even Russia.

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