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2019’s best places to celebrate 4th of July revealed

2019’s best places to celebrate 4th of July revealed

With the Fourth of July just days away, the travel experts today released a report on 2019’s best places for 4th of July celebrations.

To determine the best places to celebrate the most star-spangled occasion, the experts compared the 100 largest U.S. cities based on how well they balance holiday cost and fun. The data set of 20 key metrics ranges from average beer and wine prices to duration of fireworks shows to Fourth of July weather forecast.

Best Cities to Celebrate Fourth of July

1 New York, NY 11 New Orleans, LA
2 Los Angeles, CA 12 Scottsdale, AZ
3 San Diego, CA 13 Milwaukee, WI
4 Washington, DC 14 Baltimore, MD
5 Las Vegas, NV 15 Philadelphia, PA
6 Dallas, TX 16 Seattle, WA
7 Atlanta, GA 17 Denver, CO
8 Chicago, IL 18 Miami, FL
9 San Francisco, CA 19 Orlando, FL
10 St. Louis, MO 20 Pittsburgh, PA

4th of July Facts & Figures

• $6.8 Billion: Amount Americans plan to spend on 4th of July food.

• 150 Million: Number of hot dogs eaten each 4th of July.

• $1.6+ Billion: Amount we plan to spend on 4th of July beer and wine.

• $1+ Billion: Amount we’re expected to spend on fireworks in 2019 (67 percent of fireworks injuries occur within a month of July 4).

• $5.4 Million: Value of American flags imported annually (mostly from China).

• 47+ Million: Number of people who travel 50+ miles from home for the 4th of July.