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Business travel can be both exhilarating and exhausting but according to a recent survey by HotelsCombined, businessmen and women still love to travel for business.

The figures show that 54% of business travelers like to travel for business, 26% were undecided, while 20% of business travelers prefer not to travel for work reasons.

Of those respondents who said they enjoyed business travel, 56% were males and 44% were females. Breaking it down further, 28% of the respondents who said they liked to travel for business were aged between 45 – 54 years, 23% aged between 25 – 35 years, 21% between 35 – 44 years, 18% aged 55 – 64 years and 10% aged between 18 – 24 years.

“Traveling for work has always been viewed as a perk and we don’t see that ever changing. Thanks to tech advancements over the last decade travel has never been easier or more efficient, which is exactly what business travelers need. From booking hotels to navigating around a foreign city, business travelers have all the mobile tools they need to do these things with ease. It makes travel a breeze.” said Chris Rivett, travel expert at HotelsCombined.

The results also revealed that 76% of business trips take place within the U.S while only 6% take place overseas. 18% of respondents stated that their business travel involves both international and domestic trips.

“The appeal of business travel is that it allows Americans to see and experience new places that they wouldn’t get the chance to visit otherwise. Work provides great travel opportunities both domestically, and if you’re lucky, abroad. What’s not to love about that.” added Rivett.

Finally, the findings also uncovered that 37% of businessmen and women travel solo every time, 45% travel solo sometimes while 18% of business travelers never travel alone.

The survey was conducted in Australia