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23% of Brits travel for their birthdays

In a survey* this year of 1,000 Brits, the travel site found one in five Brits, at 20%, have tried taking a holiday to celebrate special days with their partners (e.g. wedding days or anniversaries) and 23% of Brits take a holiday for their birthday.

Brits also like to book holidays as a reward when they get a new job, at 5%, while 5% have tried taking a break when they quit a job they don’t like.

Similarly, 6% have experience taking a holiday when finishing a degree, diploma or certificate, and 6% book travel when passing an exam.

Holidays are often the result of unexpected circumstances it seems too, as momondo found 16% of Brits book one after a busy or stressful period and 11% of Brits book one after receiving unexpected income (e.g. inheritance or money prize).

Lasse Skole Hansen, a spokesperson from the travel site doing the research comments: “Travel can be a cathartic experience. Often emotions are stirred up when we remove ourselves from our sphere of normality. It then figures travel is often our ‘go to fix’ when reaching crossroads in our lives, good or bad. We want to escape the humdrum with a short change of scene, re-engage with our curiosity to bookmark our memories and remind us of certain times in our lives 

“We also found many Brits don’t actually need a particular reason to book a holiday however, such is the deep norm of taking an annual summer holiday, for example. In fact 38% of Brits admitted they had never taken a holiday as a reward for something, which suggests the need to travel for itself is also deeply imbedded in our culture and psyche.”

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