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Drone World Expo: “Future of drones: Clearing the flight path to a connected world”

Drone World Expo: “Future of drones: Clearing the flight path to a connected world”

Drone World Expo opens on November 15 at the San Jose Convention Center

Next month’s Drone World Expo will offer two phenomenal keynote panel discussions with leading industry experts providing the most current and forward-thinking information on this fast-paced, quickly changing and exciting industry.

On Tuesday, November 15, the opening day, executives from NASA, Esri, IBM and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy will discuss the Future of Drones: Clearing the Flight Path to a Connected World. On Wednesday, November 16th executives from Zipline International, Crisfield Clinic, X (formerly Google X), and the Virginia Tech Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership will focus on The Realities of Drone Delivery.

Drone World Expo will be taking place at the San Jose Convention Center and both keynote presentations will be open to all attendees.

The Future of Drones panelists include Lawrie Jordan, Director of Imagery and Remote Sensing at Esri, Parimal “PK” Kopardekar, Ph.D., manager of the NASA’s Safe Autonomous System Operations Project, Terah Lyons, Policy Advisor to the Chief Technology Officer for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and Ingo D. Piroth, North America GTM Lead Partner, IBM Innovation & Emerging Tech, IBM Global Business Services. Gretchen West, Senior Advisor of Innovation and Technology at Hogan Lovells and Co-Executive Director of the Commercial Drone Alliance will moderate the panel.

This group of highly respected industry experts will discuss how the future of the world rests in technology and connecting people, devices, networks and more to create an environment where companies can become more efficient and successful by using drones, automated cars, robotics, IoT, sensors, and other automation.

The Realities of Drone Delivery keynote panel will open the second day of Drone World Expo. The concept of drone delivery may have originally seemed like a marketing gimmick, but it has become a serious focus for many companies. Attendees will hear from innovative companies on their use cases, their challenges and how they see the future unfolding for drone delivery.

“I am thrilled to participate in these high level keynote presentations which will be sure to give the entire Drone World Expo audience valuable information about the current and future use of drones and provide them with the knowledge on how to use this technology for the advancement of commercial applications,” said Gretchen West, who also serves as Drone World Expo’s master of ceremonies. “These informative and unique panels are not to be missed!”

In addition to these first-rate keynotes, Drone World Expo will also feature over one hundred leading industry professionals as speakers throughout the two-day conference program. From drone applications law enforcement and news reporting to important developments in drones for agriculture and construction, the Drone World Expo conference program will offer sessions that will be relevant and enjoyed by all attendees. For more information about the Drone World Expo conference program click here, and to access the list of speakers click here.

Drone World Expo, the defining event for the commercial applications of UAS technology, will take place November 15-16, 2016 in the heart of Silicon Valley at the San Jose Convention Center.

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