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4 best destinations for a summer vacation in 2018

4 best destinations for a summer vacation in 2018

4 best destinations for a summer vacation in 2018

The travel industry is not without its trends and rapid changes. Every season, travelers choose different destinations around the world and seek new holiday experiences. Our recent coverage of the Tourism Expo Japan 2018 – an event that has become an international gathering of top exhibitors from 130 countries – shows how trends are brewing in the travel industry.

One of the most interesting trends to follow is the most popular destinations among experts and avid travelers. As we get closer to the peak vacation season, four destinations are considered to be the favorites, especially among experienced travelers.

Solta, Croatia

Croatia will be a hot travel destination this year for one particular reason: UberBOAT. The ride-sharing company’s new service is transforming Croatia from a destination for the rich and home of private yachts to a jewel of the Adriatic Sea that everyone can now visit.

If you’re looking for a beautiful island to explore, complete with gorgeous beaches and beautiful landscapes, then look no further than Solta. It is situated several miles away from Split, which is a large city with all the amenities you need.

Solta may not be as developed as nearby islands, but it offers plenty of adventures and a chance to rock your new tankini swimsuit in luxury. It also offers a wide range of travel experiences, including great hikes and adventures across the hilly landscape.

Seville, Spain

Seville wasn’t the most popular travel destination in Spain for several reasons. The city used to be packed with cars and isn’t the ideal destination for those looking to relax. That said, the city’s cultural and historical roots make it a great destination to explore. Today, you will see more bicycles and pedestrians than cars, making this a prime destination.

Game of Thrones is shot in several areas in Seville, so the city is perfect if you are a fan of the show. There are also fantastic museums and art galleries to explore. As mentioned before, there is also a long list of historic places to visit across the country, including the Alcazar of Seville and the Plaza del Espana.

If you do visit Seville, be sure to take the time to watch a performance of the flamenco dance. Many restaurants have live shows on select days and they are a treat like no other.


Do you know that Uzbekistan sits at the center of the world? The strategic location of this country made it part of the Silk Road. It is this strategic location that also makes Uzbekistan so rich in cultural elements. What really makes this destination popular this year, however, is the fact that you can visit the country more easily.

There are high-speed trains connecting cities in Uzbekistan, especially cities with tourist attractions and historic places to visit. The Silk Road strongholds – Bukhara and Samarkand – are easy to reach and they must be in your travel itinerary if you’re visiting Uzbekistan. The country is also full of well-preserved mosques from different eras. Visiting them is a remarkable experience.

There is another thing about Uzbekistan that you must know: it has some of the best chocolate in the world. If you’re traveling to the country, make sure you take the time to do chocolate shopping at local markets. Sample different products, especially dark chocolate bars, and you will be rewarded with an incredible sensation of high-quality chocolate melting in your mouth.

Sapporo, Japan

The last destination on our list is Sapporo, Japan, but it is in no way less interesting than the previous destinations. Sapporo offers a unique take on Japan that you cannot find in cities like Kyoto or Tokyo. It combines the tranquility of the Asian culture with modern amenities and the best of everything.

Sapporo is the city you visit if you really love seafood. It also has a long list of fantastic restaurants to try, along with a street food scene that will pamper you to the max. To make your trip to the city even better, book a ryokan – Japanese-style inn with traditional interior design and amenities – and have a taste of the local culture.

All of these destinations are attracting thousands of travelers already. They are becoming increasingly popular and are considered by experts to be the four best destinations for your summer vacation in 2018. At the same time, these cities are responding to the growing tourism industry by providing better amenities and improving the overall travel experiences they offer international travelers.