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The 4 best US cities for the ultimate sports fans

The 4 best US cities for the ultimate sports fans

Athletes inspire athletes. It, therefore, makes sense if you live and breathe sports. The prospect of a sports-filled getaway could possibly fill you with excitement. If so, check out the four best US cities for the ultimate sports fans.

1. Chicago, Illinois

Do you dream of becoming the next Babe Ruth? You must pay a visit to Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. The historic baseball park first opened in 1914 and is steeped in baseball history. After all, who can forget the 1932 World Series when Babe Ruth confidently pointed to centerfield to state where he planned to hammer his next ball – and his prediction became a reality. If you want to catch an upcoming game at Wrigley Field, be sure to visit to secure tickets.

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We defy any boxing fan not to want to run up the Philadelphia Art Museum steps, so they can pretend to be Rocky himself. It’s the ultimate destination for lovers of the sport and the movie, and you can even snap a selfie with the Rocky statue that’s proudly on display outside.
Philly has also been ranked the number one sports-crazed city in America, as it is home to some of the most passionate sports fans in America. Not only that, but the whole city has been reeling with excitement since the Eagles beat the New England Patriots at the Super Bowl LII. In fact, it is hard to find someone in Philadelphia who is not obsessed with sport. Trust us, you’ll love watching the Eagles and debating sports as you enjoy a delicious cheesesteak.

3. Atlanta, Georgia

Did the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta inspire you to become an athlete? Did it make your proud to be an American? Well, you can relive the glory of this fantastic event by exploring the 450 objects and 250 photos at the exhibition, which will tell the interesting story of the 17 days from the international sporting event.

You can also visit the former stadium, which is now known as Turner Field, and is the current home of the Atlanta Braves. Here you can step into the on-site museum to explore the team’s sporting history through various artifacts and photographs. 90 minutes away from the stadium is the Ty Cobb Museum, which is in honor of the Baseball Hall of Fame player Ty Cobb – who was one of the first inductees.

4. Boston, Massachusetts

Few destinations in America can compare to Boston when it comes to sporting success. After all, it is home to the New England Patriots, Boston Red Sox, and Boston Celtics. It also offers more teams and bigger stars than any other city – and the games are also incredibly affordable to attend in comparison to other teams. Of course, the top of your bucket list must be Fenway Park, which is the historic baseball park that is home to the Boston Red Sox, and first opened back in 1912.

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