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4 types of startups inspired by the Airbnb hype

4 types of startups inspired by the Airbnb hype

The sharing economy and Airbnb, in particular, had a tremendously positive effect on local economies. It has generated countless jobs and even led to the creation of a whole interconnected system of startups related to Airbnb.

Thanks to the Airbnb hype, there are now many different vacation rental software companies, key exchange services and cleaning management companies that all strive to serve Airbnb hosts in unique and practical ways. By investing in the services offered by these startups, hosts are able to offer a more personal experience to their guests by fulfilling their special needs.

The following are just four examples of companies that can help Airbnb hosts. It might be a good idea to start with these first as they play an integral role in offering a better experience to your guests, while at the same time helping you to expand your Airbnb business.

  1.  Vacation rental software

Vacation rental software is for sure a must-have tool! With the help of vacation rental software, hosts and managers can manage their Airbnb listings much more efficiently. Plus, if you are in the fortunate position to manage multiple listings, you will fall head over heels in love with all the fabulous features that it boasts.

AirGMS is one of the most comprehensive solutions and boasts countless useful features. With the help of AirGMS, you can stay on top of your messages via a single inbox, automate your reviews, and manage multiple accounts to mention only the main features. What’s more, their free pricing plan means that hosts with 1-4 listings can use it free of charge!

  1. Pricing optimization software

Deciding on the best pricing strategy is a task that many hosts find challenging. It requires countless hours of researching the competition and changes in nightly rates. Needless to say, this exercise is far beyond what many hosts have signed up for.

This is where Beyond Pricing steps into the picture. Their software assists hosts to adapt their pricing automatically every day based on market demand. As a matter of fact, they state that they will be able to boost your income by as much as 40 per cent!

  1. Key exchange service

The check-in experience is a deal-breaker. If the check-in experience is unpleasant, your guests will be apprehensive about the rest of their stay. Therefore, investing in a key exchange service such as Keycafe will be one of the smartest decisions that you can make.

Keycafe is one of the key (meant both literally and figuratively) management platforms. It does not rely on pin codes like other key exchange services. Instead, your guests will get a notification about where the keys can be collected and a pin so that they can then collect the keys at one of the convenient Keycafe locations.

  1. Cleaning Management & Housekeeping Service

Any host will tell you that the surest way to get a bad review is not to sparkle when it comes to cleaning. Located in Vancouver, BnbCare’s team of reliable professional housekeepers will help you to get those five-star reviews time after time. You can schedule a cleaning online so that your property is ready before the next guest checks in. In addition to cleaning, they will also take care of linen and towels and stock your property with toiletries.

Hosts have become more experienced at how they manage their Airbnb rentals which means that the trailblazing will not stop here. There will for sure still pop up many more startups that will empower hosts to become more professional, grow their businesses and boost their profits. So hosts should watch this space…

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