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5 best places for quail hunting in the U.S.

5 best places for quail hunting in the U.S.

If you are interested in quail hunting, it is important that you take the time to look into some of the absolute best places to go in the U.S. Quail hunting can be a lot of fun, but you need to know where to go. Some places have larger populations of these birds than others, so it’s therefore a good idea to do some research before planning your next hunting trip.

1. Alabama
There are many places in Alabama that offer excellent quail hunting opportunities. Quail season is between November 7 and February 28 here, and there is an 8-daily limit. A lot of hunters have reported a great deal of success with hunting these birds in this state. Since there are so many different places to hunt for quail in Alabama, it is important that you know what your options are.

2. Arizona
You will find that Arizona is another state that is excellent for quail hunting. This hunting season goes from October 6 to February 11, but Mearns quail season starts December 8. There is a daily limit of 15 quails, and a Mearns quail limit of 8. This particular type of hunting has gotten a lot better in Arizona over the years because of the monsoonal patterns among other things. If you are interested in hunting these birds, it is a good idea to consider visiting this state.

3. California
Quail season in California typically goes from the middle of November to late December. The biggest quail populations in this state are in the Central Valley and Klamath Basin, which are located in the North. You will have the best chance of running into these birds along streams and river corridors in the central and northern areas of this state.

4. Colorado
There are a ton of great places in Colorado to go quail hunting. This hunting season is usually between early November and late January. The quail population in Colorado has increased quite a bit in recent years, so there are some incredible hunting opportunities to take advantage of. The pheasant population is also on the rise in this state.

5. Florida
Florida offers some great wild bobwhite hunting, and lots of people are coming here from all over to hunt these birds. The season goes from November 11 to March 4, and there is a 12-daily limit. Blackwater River State Forest and Twin Rivers State Forest both offer great quail hunting, so you will need to keep that in mind. This type of hunting has become increasingly popular here in the last several years due to the explosion of the quail population. If you are planning on going to this state to hunt for quail, visit Stayhunting.Com for some helpful tips.

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