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5 choice destinations for first-time solo travelers

5 choice destinations for first-time solo travelers

Aside from a lack of time and funding, having nobody to go with is one of the most common reasons why many people don’t travel quite as often as they’d like to. For many, the idea of traveling solo can cause a bit of anxiety; it’s not uncommon to be afraid of traveling alone if you’ve never done it before. But, exploring on your own can be a life-changing experience that gives you the confidence to face your fears, do things you never expected to do, and meet new friends for life. If you’re considering dipping your toe into the waters of solo travel for the first time, picking the right destination is key to having the best experience. Here are some great destination ideas to consider.

#1. Vienna:
If you’re looking for rolling countryside, stunning architecture, comforting food and a love for all things classical then Vienna, Austria is the place to be. In fact, anywhere in Austria is a great choice for anybody traveling alone, since it’s one of the safest countries in Europe for tourists to visit. If you don’t want to be completely alone your whole trip, the city is home to several traveler’s hostels where you can get a comfortable bed and a new group of friends. If you want to enjoy some ‘me’ time, it’s perfectly normal to enjoy a treat by yourself in one of the many upscale cafes.

#2. South Korea:
Although it hasn’t always been one of the top tourist destinations, things are changing recently for South Korea, with an increasing number of visitors each year. Thanks to K-Pop’s popularity rise in Western culture and the 2018 Winter Olympics set to be held in Seoul, tourism appears set to grow even further. If you visit during the Spring, you can enjoy stunning pink cherry blossoms or attend the Lotus Lantern Festival in April.

#3. Costa Rica:
A popular destination for solo travelers, Costa Rica is a great choice if you’re hoping to form a new circle of friends upon your arrival. Ranking Number One on the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica will certainly keep you occupied during your solo adventure, with hiking, water sports, zip lining, and exploring the famous Cloud Forest amongst some of the most popular activities. Visit for more popular destination options.

#4. Dublin, Ireland:
If you want to ease yourself into solo traveling with an exciting city break in an English-speaking destination, look no further than Dublin. With friendly locals, plenty of pubs, and ample opportunities to explore the rolling green countryside and coastal cliffs, it’s a great starting destination for anybody who wants to travel alone for the first time.

#5. Australia:
With something for everyone, Australia is a destination where solo travelers need never feel alone. Each year, thousands of people visit Australia alone for work and tourism purposes, and along with friendly locals, anybody can find somewhere that they fit in. With bustling cities, the remote outback and bush, and tropical coastal areas, there’s always something new to explore.
Which destination would you choose for your first solo trip? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.