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How to be an influential travel blogger

How to be an influential travel blogger

When you are a blogger, your aim is to engage with your audience and offer them something that they will find interesting and informative. It means you need to know the subject you are blogging about inside and out, and you need to give them an angle on the topic which they can’t get anywhere else. As a travel blogger, this can be a difficult task, as you are, at some point, going to be writing about the same places as other bloggers have explored before. There are, however, some things you can do to increase your influence as a travel blogger.

Know Your Niche

Travel blogging is something a lot of people cover, and because there are only a finite number of destinations, finding a niche can be tough. However, you need to have a unique angle to your blog if you want to get visitors to your site. Firstly, take a look at other travel bloggers and find out what they do that’s different. You don’t want to copy anyone else, but they might give you an idea of what they do or don’t cover. Once you have found your niche, you need to ensure that you know as much about it as possible. Research is important, not only for your individual posts but in general.

Find Something Interesting to Write About

It might sound obvious, but you want to give your readers something that will capture their interest and encourage them to read on to the end. While writing about a trail in the Rockies might be interesting, you want to add something else to the review. Add some historical facts or interesting stats about the area. You could also attend festivals or celebrations that don’t happen all the time. Post about the event before it happens and then review it afterward. It might encourage others to attend next time.

Give the Whole Picture

Most people like to know more than where places are or what activities they have. They also want to know about the food in the area, or where are the best places to stay in Jackson Hole. For example, if you are writing about Wyoming, then add a part about the best places to stay in Jackson Hole. It means that if you tempt someone to take a trip there, they will have all the information without having to do more research.

Encourage Guest Posts

With the best will in the world, you won’t be able to cover everything going on in the world. However, there may be others that are, so you should ask for guests to post. They can then write about their experiences, and you can give them credit on your site. It will also give your blog a richer experience for your readers if there are multiple opinions from fellow travelers.
Blogging in any topic takes time and hard work to start growing. However, it helps if you can give yourself a chance by trying to be interesting and unique among the others in your niche.

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