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12 unforgettable trips every adventurer must take

12 unforgettable trips every adventurer must take

If you are looking for your next big trip that offers breathtaking views and incredible activities, here are 12 unforgettable trips every adventurer must take.

If you love to put on a pair of hiking boots to embrace the great outdoors, the idea of heading off an active vacation will probably fill you with glee. The good news is, there are plenty of destinations to visit to satisfy your adventurous nature.
If you are looking for your next big trip that offers breathtaking views and incredible activities, here are 12 unforgettable trips every adventurer must take.

1. Take a Dip in a Champagne Pool

Champagne Pool is a 900-year-old hot spring located within the Waiotapu geothermal area of New Zealand. As it’s filled with carbon dioxide bubbles, it offers a truly relaxing experience and reportedly has healing properties that can make you feel younger, so you’ll want to take a dip. The pool also produces vibrant colors thanks to its rich deposition of both silicate and minerals.

2. Experience the Wonder of Zhangye Danxia Landform

You’ll think you’re a million lightyears away from Earth when you walk across the wonder that is Zhangye Danxia Landform in China. That’s because you’ll feel like an alien on your own planet when you experience the beauty of the rainbow mountains, which offers layers of different colored sandstone and minerals, which have been pressed for an incredible 24 million years.

3. Step Inside the Mendenhall Ice Caves

Few things are more beautiful than Alaska’s glaciers, but did you know you can step inside one? The 13-mile long Mendenhall Ice Caves are simply breathtaking and will make you appreciate the great outdoors even more than you already do. There are also great trails for you to follow across the lake and through the forest.

4. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon Across Cappadocia

You haven’t lived until you have taken a ride in a hot air balloon across Cappadocia, which offers smooth ancient Anatolian rock formations. The geological Turkish oddity is world-renowned for its distinctive fairy chimneys, which are clustered with cone-shaped formations on Monks Valley. You can even spend the night in one of Cappadocia’s incredible cave hotels.

5. Climb Your Way Up Mount Kilimanjaro

If you want to dust off your hiking shoes and head off on the ultimate outdoor adventure, you should finally book a climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. You’ve more than likely dreamed of making your way up the dormant Tanzanian volcano for many years, and there’s no time like the present to do so. However, the hike is anything but easy, so you should only consider climbing Kilimanjaro with a company that provides a high-altitude first responder.

6. Enjoy a Scuba Dive in the Galapagos Islands

Scuba divers across the world make their way to the Galapagos Islands to explore its diverse flora and fauna. You’ll never feel closer to nature than swimming your way down into the deep ocean, which is full of mesmerizing marine life, such as hammerhead sharks, snappers, water jacks, and yellowfin tuna. However, you should only dive into the Galapagos archipelago if you’re a confident swimmer who feels comfortable with varying currents.

7. Make Your Way Up Machu Picchu

If bustling cities and tropical resorts don’t appeal to you, you might be better suited to exploring historical sites across the world – and there’s no better place to start than with Machu Picchu. The Incan citadel was built in the 15th century before being abandoned, but the intriguing buildings in the Andes Mountains in Peru still exist today.

Once you have arrived, you are bound to wonder about the civilization that once resided in the ancient Inca city, and the panoramic views beneath your feet will certainly take your breath away.

8. Camp at Yosemite Valley

The stunning Yosemite Valley can be found within the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which offers exquisite scenery and unique fauna and flora. So, there’s no better place to pitch your tent and camp down for the night.

The Californian national park is 1,200 miles long and offers tranquil waterfalls, grand meadows, a vast wilderness, and ancient sequoias. However, you’ll need to book early, as the campgrounds will quickly fill between April through to September.

9. Walk the Newest Andorra Trail

How does spending the night in a mountain hut sound? If your answer is heaven, you’ll want to explore The Coronallacs, which is Andorra’s first ever high-mountain walking circuit.

Avid ramblers will enjoy spending a six-night guided mountain trek along the new 90km trail, which will require you to cross open woodland, alpine passes, and snowy peaks. While the high-altitude can take its toll on your body, there will be unforgettable panoramic views throughout the journey that will make it worth your while.

10. Explore Cairngorms National Park

Just when you thought Scotland couldn’t get more beautiful, you’ll arrive at Cairngorms National Park, which features deep corries, steep-sided glens, pine forests, and varied wildlife that will help you get to grips with nature.

You can even book a stay at a private lodge to relax after a day of exploring the peaks of Sgor Gaoith, Meall a Bhuachaille, and Cairn Gorm. Also, keep your eyes peeled, as you might be lucky enough to spot golden eagles, red deer, and the only herd of reindeer in Scotland.

11. The Elephant Nature Park

If you want to get up close to a beautiful elephant in a good sanctuary, look no further than The Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, which rehabilitates rescued elephants. In fact, your visit alone will help to support the work of the park, as you can stay in luxury accommodation and can enjoy opportunities to connect with one of nature’s most incredible creatures.

12. Experience Hang En Cave

Hang En Cave in Vietnam is the third largest cave in the world and features a 390ft high entrance. It’s so large that it has its own climate, river, and jungle, so it’s the ideal destination for adventure travelers. If you want to experience the UNESCO World Heritage Site for yourself, you could book a two-night camping trip, so you can spend your days looking out at its vibrant turquoise waters and your nights sleeping under the stars.

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