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8.0 Earthquake has potential to be devastating in Peru

8.0 Earthquake has potential to be devastating in Peru

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A potential devastating earthquake measuring  8.0 just shook Peru at 7.41 UTC time. However, the remoteness of the epic center and the late hour may play a role in minimizing damages. The quake was felt 600 km away however.

The location is remote but close enough to the following cities to cause great damage and injuries.

  • 80.7 km (50.0 mi) SE of Lagunas, Peru

Lonely Planet says travelers come to muddy, mosquito-rich Lagunas because it is the best embarkation point for a trip to the western portion of the Reserva Nacional Pacaya-Samiria. The town is a spread-out, remote place; there are stores, but stock (slightly pricier than elsewhere in Peru) is limited, so it’s wise to bring your own supplies as back-up. There are no money-changing facilities and hardly any public phones or restaurants.

  • 98.4 km (61.0 mi) E of Yurimaguas, Peru

Yurimaguas is a port town in the Loreto Region of the northeastern Peruvian Amazon. Historically associated with Maynas, the culturally diverse town is affectionately known as the “Pearl of the Huallaga”.

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  • 158.2 km (98.1 mi) ENE of Lamas, Peru
  • 170.2 km (105.5 mi) N of Contamana, Peru
  • 193.5 km (120.0 mi) E of Moyobamba, Peru

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