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9 out of 10 travelers find idea of ‘unplugged’ family vacation appealing

9 out of 10 travelers find idea of ‘unplugged’ family vacation appealing

With National Travel & Tourism Week quickly approaching (May 5 – May 11) and summer right around the corner, vacations are definitely top of mind.

New research from new Family Vacation Survey reveals that an overwhelming 91 percent of families find the idea of an “unplugged” family vacation appealing, however, pressures to stay connected through work and social media remain strong.

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Here are some strong stats that further showcase the desire and need for unplugged trips:

Unplugged Vacation Stats

• 37 percent of families have committed to an unplugged vacation and 92 percent of that group were successful.

o 41 percent enjoyed themselves more, 40 percent had better conversations, 38 percent felt more relaxed and 36 percent felt closer as a family.

• 61 percent of workers put pressure on themselves to work while on family vacation.

• 27 percent of families say they sometimes feel pressured to post photos of their vacation on social media to show they’re having a good time.

• 41 percent of families say they often feel like they need additional time off to “recover” from their vacations, up from only 29 percent just a year ago.

• 21 percent of social media users say that they log on more than usual while on vacation.

• 33 percent say they’ve seen social media actually ruin a family vacation. Examples include:

o Too much time spent on the phone (42 percent), arguments or hurt feelings (24 percent), letting would-be robbers know when they’re out of the house (5 percent), and even catching a cheating spouse (2 percent).