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A future Zimbabwe? Is Dr. Walter Mzembi the wild card?

Zimbabwe remains in an uncertain stage. Currently, in exile in South Africa, the former Zimbabwe Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister Dr. Walter Mmzembi’s name continues to dominate on the political raising fears within the ruling Zanu PF which remains uncertain within the former Masvingo South legislator’s next move.

His name is also alive and respected among leaders in the African Travel and Tourism Industry and throughout the globe. Mzembi is an observer on the active discussion forum for African Tourism Board and remains a source of wisdom for many.

Despite resembling the best leadership credentials, Mzembi has remained in the background, with many people pushing for his name in the political ring. Respected development and political Analyst Cladius Madhuku has weighed in saying Mzembi resembles good leadership skills and he is presidential material.

He remains one of the people’s darling and admired across the political divide. He commands a lot of respect within the military, youths, within the ruling Zanu PF, within the corporate world.

Some have even gone on to suggest that amongst the group of those who left the country popularly known as the G40, he remains the best and clean, and the majority of Zimbabweans are comfortable to have the former tourism Minister.

He earned a lot of respect when he protected beauty models who contested when he was the tourism minister from political vultures who wanted to take advantage of the young girls.

Respected political stalwart and academic Dr. Walter Mzembi’s political narrative remains strategic despite many people within political, business, academic circles having many speculations on Walter Mzembi’s political future prospects. From the onset, he remains one of the respected ministers, if not the only one in Mugabe’s era which resembles some respect within the liberation movement and outside.

He remains one of the top role models for many young people who have political, social and economic aspirations.

Apart from the local content, the former Foreign Affairs Minister has received a wide endorsement from the international community, military and across the political divide. Mzembi is perceived to be one of the serious threats to the Mnangagwa regime, after political calculations from the current regime, and this led to his hibernation outside the country.

Comparative analysis entails that amongst the political contenders seeking the highest office of the land, Mzembi and Nelson Chamisa of the MDC led Alliance defines the future generational consensus, and this has led to suggestions of the former Foreign Affairs Minister coupling with the MDC Alliance leader.

Well- respected academic and former Foreign Affairs and Tourism Minister, Dr. Walter Mzembi is a deferred potential Presidential aspirant who could change the Zimbabwe political landscape if given chance to bounce back in the mainstream politics. Studying from a distance the former Foreign Affairs Minister has clearly calibrated his re-entry into politics and may not be in a hurry to get into mainstream politics.

Mzembi a calculative politician, has avoided responding to media taunts, cheap and personal potshots at his person which has obviously been a project for deliberate besmirching by his enemies in the current administration. There is every reason why the regime pushed the former Foreign Affairs minister out of the country for posing a serious threat to Mnangagwa’s presidency.

Mzembi is one of the few within Zanu PF who would stand for his words, and he remains one of the few principles if not the only one who would resemble some semblance of respect and dignity. After a near successful run for the post of United World Tourism Organisation Secretary-General for which he received a rare commendation from the then cabinet of Zimbabwe for excellent statesmanship and defense of brand Zimbabwe it was a cold-blooded act of malice for the very same Government two months later to withdraw its goodwill and persecute him for his loyalty to the late President Robert Mugabe.

The last man standing before a detach military coup, Mzembi’s diplomatic skills have been tested to the limit even in his self-imposed political sabbatical but he has responded with a characteristic golden silence, only broken after nearly two years with another of his trade-mark diplomatic epistles urging dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Advocate Nelson Chamisa as the closet solution to resolving the current national crisis.

Zimbabweans are yearning for progressive politics culminating into a proper development agenda, and this can only be achieved by the coupling of young and progressive elements across the political divide. There is an overall consensus within the generational consensus that Advocate Chamisa and the respected Former Foreign and Tourism Minister in Mugabe’s Government, Dr. Walter Mzembi resemble some form of respect across political divide.

Amongst the Mugabe’s former ministers, Mzembi remains one of the respected officials whose credentials remain undisputed. Walter Mzembi (born 16 March 1964) is a Zimbabwean politician. He previously served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

He was the Member of the House of Assembly for Masvingo South (ZANU-PF). Mzembi who led tourism ministry during the time of rebranding Zimbabwe was the only remaining minister who commanded respect within Mugabe’s Government. When leading the tourism ministry, it was clear that the Former Masvingo South legislator had an infectious charm that broke the barriers of the cultural and political context within and outside the country. There is a clear testimony why Mzembi remains a thorn in Zanu PF flesh, just after the military coup which led to the ouster of former veteran leader Robert Mugabe, Mzembi was ED’s target, out of the whole G40 cabal, he is the only one who was on target despite court processions giving him a lifeline of relief, they ensured that he was haunted of the country.

Mzembi (55), exuded the hallmarks of personal diplomacy so imperative in leading such an important assignment. Why would the public push for Mzembi’s name despite the Tyson wabantu project that has proved to be a failure from the onset? Why would young people from across political divide yearn for Walter to throw his name in the political ring? Why would some individuals from across the political divide push for the former tourism boss? Why would scholars and researchers push for a coupling Chamisa factor? Time will tell, but above everything else, Walter Mzembi’s political journey defines a third narrative concept.

Elvis Dzvene is an academic writer who can be contacted at [email protected]

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