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A third of US travelers will lose work device on vacation

A third of US travelers will lose work device on vacation

It’s Independence Week in the US, which means that summer travel season is in full swing.

In fact, AAA is reporting that nearly 49 million Americans are planning to travel over Independence Day this year—a 4% increase over last year.

But are these Americans actually “checking out” on their vacations?

A new report found that the answer is no—just 26% of US employees say they leave their work device behind when they are on vacation. So, bosses, take note—most of your employees will still answer emails, even if they’re at a BBQ, out on a boat or watching fireworks.

The survey also reveals that with “vacation work” comes irresponsibility with work devices, and around 30% of Americans report losing a work device while on vacation. Americans are actually more likely to lose a work device on vacation than travelers from Europe or Asia Pacific .

So what do they do if they lose their device?

Only half (49%) report the loss to their company, and of those, only 49% do so immediately. Fortunately, a lucky 47% have actually had the device returned to them.