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Accessorize with the Best: A Guide to Choosing the Most Stylish Watches for Women

Accessorize with the Best: A Guide to Choosing the Most Stylish Watches for Women

Tired of your usual look? Did you know you can shift your whole attire and how it affects your visual flair with a watch?

Watches have come a long way from being a useful piece in the battlefield to being a stylish accessory. Today, watches can go beyond telling you the time. They can also make for a powerful statement.

This is why many consider the design of the watch as important—after all, its function is replaceable by a smartphone, so many people only wear a watch to complete their outfit. For that reason, it should be trendy and stylish, but it must also complement the whole look.

Here’s a guide for choosing among the thousands of stylish watches for women.

1. Case Size

One of the first things you should consider in choosing a watch is the case size as this would depend on the size of your wrists and the kind of look you’re going for.

Boyfriend watches, for instance, have a bigger case size in general. The average case size for women is about 34 mm and smaller, but some watches can have a 40mm watch case or even up to 60 mm.

The height of the wearer can be a factor, too, as taller women can rock bigger watches with thicker bands with ease. Those who take fashion risks to make a statement can also opt for bigger sizes. The safe choice would be a smaller one, though, as it can work with any look, age, and wrist size.

Designer watches for women usually have an average or bigger case size.

2. The Band

There are many types of bands: bracelets, straps, bangle, and so on. Bands are made of various materials, too, like fabric, stainless steel, leather, plastic, or rubber.

Trendy watches for women often come with fabric bands due to their versatility. They can come in different fabric materials, and they can also come in solid colors or in print.

Fashionable women also like bangle watches because they resemble a piece of jewelry. They’re best stacked with other bracelets that match their color.

You may have to get different types of watches to match with your outfit. Dressy or formal watches usually have metal or leather bands. Casual watches can be in any material; these can complement sporty, preppy, angsty, or any kind of looks.

If you want to be able to rock varied looks, consider watches with interchangeable bands. This will allow you to change from rubber bands for everyday wear to leather bands for a more formal event.

There are also fashionable wrap watches that are more popular with the younger crowd. The bands are longer, allowing the wearer to loop them around their wrist multiple times. The end result looks like a stack of a watch and bracelets.

3. Color

The color would also need to match your looks and outfit. If you want a particular color, you might need to choose a band made of rubber, plastic, fabric, and such.

Metal bands will usually have only metallic colors, but you can also choose one with a colored face or case.

One of the most popular choices today is rose gold. This color brings a sense of elegance and femininity at the same time.

Gold is a classic luxury color, especially when paired with gemstones and sparkles. Silver is not too far behind, though, as luxury brands also have this color in various designs.

If you want the best of both worlds, however, there are also bands with 2 tones.

4. Sporty Watches

Runners, swimmers, and other athletic types of women might also consider getting sporty yet trendy watches for ladies. G-shock, in particular, is a popular brand due to its stylish and sporty watches. These can be a bit bulky, but they’ll make for a perfect companion to your activewear and active lifestyle.

These are also usually more durable to account for your activities. They can be waterproof and they have shock resistance, to boot. Some may even have stopwatch recording and lap tracking capabilities.

5. Techy Yet Stylish Watches for Women

A watch can have other functions while remaining stylish. Although your choices are not as vast as in normal analog watches, there are still plenty of brands offering pleasant designs for any personality.


A smartwatch can be stylish, too, and it offers more than being able to tell you the time. When not in use, the time takes up most of the screen, allowing you to tell time with a single glance.

Touching it, however, would reveal other functions. It can have GPS, text messages, apps, and calls, among other features.

It also has some fitness tracking functions, such as a footstep tracker and a heart rate tracker. It looks rather techy, but it still complements casual looks. The downside is that it can be bulky as smartwatches need a bigger screen for their functions.

Fitness Trackers

These are usually slimmer in profile than smartwatches. As such, they can look better on women with smaller wrists.

Their functions are not as extensive as those of smartwatches, though. Their features focus on helping their users get into shape rather than being an all-around helper.

Their tracking features, however, are better and more accurate than those of most smartwatches. People who do sports and are trying to get into shape will find this more helpful in tracking their improvements.

Hybrid Watches

There are also what we call hybrid watches. These look like ordinary watches that have some of the functions of a smartwatch.

They look like normal analog watches, complete with hands, the brand, hours lines, and such. They don’t look techy at all, which may be perfect for more formal attire.

Underneath the face, however, are tracking features and other smartwatch functions. Some brands also have a digital area within the face that will show you notifications and steps taken. It usually connects to an app on your smartphone, so you can find more information there.

Find the Right Stylish Watch for You

Out of all the stylish watches for women out there, buying multiple watches in different designs is tempting. If you choose right, though, you can only have 1 watch that works with most of your wardrobe.

But why stop here? We’ve got more guides to check out. Here’s one listing stylish tips for the executive on the go.