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Adventure time in Portugal

Adventure time in Portugal

The beautiful climate makes Portugal a top stop for adventure and outdoor activities. It is a destination made for enjoying some kite surfing; admiring the stunning nature during bike rides; going rafting, canyoning and canoeing; and enjoying rock climbing. And for the adrenaline junkies, they can try their hands at abseiling and zip wiring!

From kite surfing to bike rides over hill and dale, and from rock climbing, abseiling, and zip wiring, the options are endless for those visitors who like to keep active.

Portugal has some great challenges in its perfect waves for surfing, along with windsurfing, sailing, and paragliding, with winds that are guaranteed to get the thrills soaring. Skiing and parasailing also provide some amazing experiences.

Visitors can try rafting, canyoning, and canoeing on Portugal’s rivers, and discover their sources deep within the Earth, going potholing to delve into unexplored caves.

To enjoy nature in all its charm, there are some calmer activities, such as hiking and horse riding, and simply taking in the fragrance of the wild flowers on a beautiful sunny day. There is mountaineering, where apart from the stunning views, visitors can reach the highest peaks to be rewarded with a view of the nests and flight of birds of prey. There are also boat trips to see dolphins and whales – images that will never be forgotten.

There’s no shortage of ideas and suggestions; here, the landscapes offer a wealth of diversity and the fine climate will surely always cooperate. In Portugal, the best companion for adventures is nature!

Great weather, beaches, food, and great wine – Portugal has everything to be a great tourist destination. Over the years, Portugal has evolved at the international level, both at the level of tourism and culture, with an amazing coast, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean from the north until the south and the wonderful climate of the Mediterranean. Portugal has some of the oldest borders in Europe, a great diversity of landscapes within walking distance, many leisure activities, and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and contemporaneity come together in harmony.

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