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AIDAluna cruise ship stars in Jessica Minh Anh’s fashion show

AIDAluna cruise ship stars in Jessica Minh Anh’s fashion show

Anh to close her “catwalk on water” series onboard AIDAluna in New York Harbor

The producer of Eiffel Tower and Grand Canyon Skywalk phenomena, Jessica Minh Anh, is showcasing a sky-high catwalk on the sun-deck of AIDAluna cruise ship with the stunning NYC skyline as backdrop.

The high-profile showcase will follow the concept of Jessica’s successful Sydney ocean catwalk earlier this year, which combined art, architecture, culture, and fashion.

Carnival Corp’s Germany-based cruise ship AIDAluna will host Jessica Minh Anh, model and fashion show producer, to showcase an array of international designers.  Anh is known for staging runways with internationally-known landmarks as backdrops for her fashion shows. She has curated events in Paris’ Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge, New York’s One World Trade Center and the Grand Canyon.

This is the last of her “catwalk on water” series (following her Seine River Floating Runway and Sydney Ocean Catwalk). On the sundeck of the AIDAluna overlooking New York’s famous skyline, she will showcase designers including Qatari‘s Debaj Collection, Peruvian artist Ani Alvarez Calderon, Lebanese Rouba.G, Polish designer Teresa Rosati, Brazilian jeweler Cristina Sabatini, and Romanian Silvia Chiteala and Laura Cazacu of the brand Chotronette.

WHEN:                  Sunday, October 23, 2016 at Noon

WHERE:                  Pier 88, Manhattan Cruise Terminal, 711 12th Ave, New York, NY

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