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Air Canada Airlines is going paperless with TRAX

Air Canada Airlines is going paperless with TRAX

First published on eTurboNews:

With the success of their TRAX eMobility QuickTurn app implementation under its belt, Air Canada Airlines (ACA) now plans to deploy the TaskControl app next. Line and Hangar maintenance employees will use the QuickTurn and TaskControl apps for defect management, routine task cards and picklists, recording A/C P/N transactions, and other related activities.

The Apps are integrated with the existing TRAX system and are fully offline capable to synchronize data when reconnected. AMEs in the hangar can use the TaskControl app to complete work assignments. Resource planners can assign line work or heavy checks through the web-based Line Control and Production Control apps. QuickTurn is designed to resolve an aircraft’s defects on landing through recording the completion of the work or the deferral and its troubleshooting. Additionally, the related dashboard shows a layout display of aircraft soon to land and depart with a countdown timer along with access to the associated defects. This connectivity has led to reduction in total time required to resolve mechanical issues, thus minimizing ground time. The result is fewer cancellations and delays, more hours in the air, and happier customers.

ACA plans to press ahead with its paperless plans and improvements in key technology areas. The company is growing its fleet — adding 787 Dreamliners and 737 MAX aircraft — and is simultaneously advancing its connectivity to support its maintenance operations and achievement of its 5 star excellence program goals.

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