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Airbnb Bans Party Houses but Shootings and Deaths Ongoing

Airbnb Bans Party Houses but Shootings and Deaths Ongoing

According to, yet another instance of violence happened at an Airbnb rental since Airbnb supposedly banned “party houses.”

A young man was shot and is now in critical condition after a shooting took place at a North Philadelphia Airbnb party last night.

As reported by a law enforcement source: “This could have been worse. We had 15 people inside, and we have one victim. So, this could’ve been really bad.” With dozens of shots fired and one left critically injured, this shooting has left police and a community searching for answers.

Just this weekend, a young mother was shot and killed at an Alabama Airbnb party that turned violent. And earlier this month, 55 shots were fired at a Portland, Oregon, Airbnb rental, and one woman was left hospitalized after suffering injuries.

This is why American Family Voices has launched a new ad-campaign highlighting Airbnb’s hollow promises on safety and a newly updated AirbnbWATCH website to track these incidents across the U.S.

As Airbnb is scrambling to take action, the public and elected officials have taken notice.. If Airbnb is incapable of fixing this issue, policymakers across the board must step up and place stronger restrictions on short-term rentals.

Below is coverage of the recent Airbnb shootings in Philadelphia, Portland and Alabama this week:

CBS Philly: Police: Young Man In Critical Condition After Shots Fired Into Party At North Philadelphia Airbnb Property (12/18/19)
A young man is fighting for his life after he was shot at a house party in North Philadelphia. Police say the situation could have been much worse after at least one gunman started shooting through the windows of a rented house on the 1900 block of Page Street. The lights are still on but no one is home. Eyewitness News has seen several people who were at the party return to the scene to try and collect their belongings, only to be reminded of the chaotic morning by all the bullet holes. One thing was on Bril Taylor’s mind as he was upstairs. “Just get on the floor, don’t get shot,” Taylor said. “I was upstairs, it happened so fast.” Police responded to shots fired around 1:30 a.m. Wednesday, finding a man believed to be in his 20s inside the home suffering multiple gunshot wounds to his chest. “They immediately took the male to Temple Hospital and he’s now listed in critical condition,” Captain George Fuchs said. Eyewitnesses say someone rented out the Airbnb property to host a house party which was taking place at the time when the shooting happened. Police believe the shooter or shooters fired from outside, leaving behind at least 23 shell casings. Detectives say they found 20 bullet holes inside the house. “This could have been worse. We had 15 people inside and we have one victim. So this could’ve been really bad,” Captain Fuchs said.

WALA: Airbnb Says Renter Of Robertsdale Property Where Shooting Occurred Violated Policy (12/16/19)
A party where a fatal shooting took place over the weekend violated the policy of the company that handled the booking, according to the firm. Dominque Marshall died early Sunday morning from a fatal gunshot at the home in Elsanor, just east of Robertsdale. Airbnb, which matches property owners with people looking for short-term rentals, told FOX10 News on Monday that the gathering violated the “no party” condition of the property’s owner. In addition, the company recently instituted a new policy prohibiting “open-invite” parties regardless of whether the property owner allows it. The company said it has banned the renter from its platform. Investigators told FOX10 News that a huge group of young people gathered at the home at G.W. Lewis Lane and U.S. 90 on Saturday night. Under the policy announced earlier this month by Airbnb, the company bans any event that the organizer opens up to anyone who wants to attend, including parities advertised on social media. Airbnb also indicated that it recently launched a neighborhood support hotline where people can report noise and other nuisances. A handful of cities in Alabama have regulations governing short-term rentals, but they mainly have to do with collecting lodging taxes.

WPMI: Police Investigate Homicide After Shots Rang Out During Baldwin County Airbnb Party (12/15/19) Chaos erupted in Baldwin County Sunday morning as hundreds fled for their lives after shots were fired at a crowded house party. It happened around 1 a.m. at a home rented through Airbnb in the Elsanor community for a graduation party. One person, 21-year-old Dominique Marshall, was shot and killed. Investigators say there was a shootout between multiple people, and Marshall was hit in the crossfire. Others from the party put Marshall in a vehicle to try and get help, investigators say. They ended up parking along the side of Baldwin Beach Express near the scene, where Marshall died. Marshall’s father told us he is at a loss for words. He said this wasn’t normal for Marshall, and he is still searching for answers. Investigators say the home was rented through Airbnb. The promoter of the party said there were around 400 people in attendance. The promoter said shots were exchanged from the door of the house and the yard, and that people were jumping out of the window and running away. We’re told there were around 37 evidence markers on scene, and over 30 witness interviews were conducted.

KOIN: More Than 55 Shots Fired At NE Portland Airbnb Party (12/7/19)
More than 55 shots were fired from multiple guns outside an Airbnb house party in Northeast Portland Friday night, said Portland Police. Officers were called out to North Gantenbein Avenue just before 11:30 p.m. Dec. 6 after they received several reports of a shooting in the neighborhood. One woman had been shot, said police. Her injuries were not life-threatening, and she was taken from the scene to a nearby hospital. Investigators found evidence of gunfire in the street outside of a home that was being used as an Airbnb. A party was underway at the house when the shooting occurred, said police, who also said evidence indicated that more than 55 shots were fired from multiple guns.