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Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) launches at India airports

The launch of Amadeus Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) will mean airports in India can offer a futuristic, more efficient, and convenient check-in service as the number of international and domestic travelers increases.

Amadeus has introduced the Airport Common Use Service to key stakeholders in the Indian aviation industry at India’s first Common Use Roundtable, an event hosted by Amadeus and Bird Group.

With ACUS, travelers can check in for flights at their hotels or at your congress centers before leaving for the airport. These are just some of the options that Amadeus’ Airport Common Use Service (ACUS) offers to improve the way airports and airlines serve their passengers.

India has experienced a six-fold increase in air passenger numbers over the past decade as its citizens take advantage of better connectivity and cheaper fares. With this hike in travelers comes more congested airports. The architecture of Amadeus ACUS allows “fixed” check-in counters to be rapidly redeployed anywhere within the terminal, and to “off airport” locations, to enable the airport to access additional passenger capacity on demand to meet short notice or seasonal fluctuations.

To mark the launch of ACUS in India, Amadeus and Bird Group held India’s first Common Use Roundtable on May in New Delhi. The event brought together India’s senior airline and airport industry leaders to share insights, learnings, and to create a vision for the future of Common Use in the country.

With ACUS and an Internet connection (e.g. Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G mobile telecommunications), passenger processing services can be easily extended to include off-airport locations such as hotels, exhibitions, convention centers, train stations, and cruise liners. ACUS can be used on any device including laptops and relocatable devices. The adoption of ACUS will allow airports to eliminate costly on-site systems, lowering their operational expenses and minimizing their environmental impact.

Airlines will also be able to reduce costs owing to centralized connectivity to airports and simplified passenger processing with offering new-generation, multiple choice, enhanced check-in services to its passengers. This will further enhance passenger experience.

ACUS provides more flexibility in operations and reduced passenger processing costs for airlines and also delivers substantial energy savings reducing the overall CO2 emissions of airports.

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