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How Al Ahsa InterContinental Hotel supports local community?

How Al Ahsa InterContinental Hotel supports local community?

In Saudi Arabia, Al Ahsa InterContinental, a hotel property committed to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, recently concluded a blood donation campaign under the supervision of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Al Ahsa Hospital. Attended by the members of the hotel management and its associates, the cause is a tangible social contribution to the local community and a call to save lives by donating blood which is evidenced by the immense participation of the hotel employees.

Luca de Stefano, GM of Al Ahsa InterContinental, set an excellent example for the hotel employees by taking time and being the first donor at the blood drive. “I was extremely grateful to see the generosity and active participation from our colleagues. Going forward, we will continue to organise more community service initiatives to have more opportunities to lend a helping hand and develop a greater sense of social responsibility as a hotel team,” he added.

Al Ahsa InterContinental remains committed to operating in harmony with its local community. Aside from organising blood donation campaigns, actively participating in community services, the hotel also conducts hotel tours for students and hosting a day out activity for orphans as well as food donation.

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