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Alain St Ange resigned as Seychelles Tourism Minister

Alain St Ange resigned as Seychelles Tourism Minister

The outspoken and most active and out of the box thinking minister of tourism resigned. The Seychelles Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine presented his letter of resignation to the Seychelles President Danny Faure.

St. Ange joined the Government of Seychelles in early 2009 as Director of Marketing at the Seychelles Tourism Board and a year later, in June 2010, he was promoted to the position of CEO of the Tourism Board falling under the Office of the President. On the 14th March 2012, Mr St.Ange was appointed as Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, a position he held until the recent Cabinet of Minister reshuffle of 2016, when he was given more responsibility as head of the Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine.

In his letter of resignation Minister Alain St.Ange writes:-  “As part of the Government I have been able to serve my Country and the People of Seychelles in a way that made a positive difference to the lives of so many as I also did my part for the economy of our Country. During the time when I was part of the Government, I know that I worked tirelessly for our country’s tourism industry and the results today speak for themselves. The Ministry initiated a lot and, with the support of the private sector, we delivered for Seychelles”.  

Over a year ago the name of Minister Alain St.Ange was mentioned as a possible candidate for a position at an International Organisation. “The time to formally put my name forward as a candidate has arrived and I will need to be undertaking some travel from very early in January for this coming election. The extended absence from the office and from the country will not be conducive to my existing position” Minister St.Ange said asking the President to accept his resignation. 

“I take this opportunity to thank the Government and People of Seychelles for my time as Minister and I wish Seychelles continued success,” Minister Alain St.Ange said.

A Press Release from the Office of the President of Seychelles confirmed  Minister Alain St.Ange had written to President Danny Faure expressing his intention to apply for the post of the Secretary-General of the Untied Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO).

In accepting the resignation, President Faure thanked Minister St.Ange for the enormous contribution he had made to the promotion and development of tourism and culture in Seychelles, and for his support and advice on many matters discussed in Cabinet.

President Faure had also written to the Speaker of the National Assembly, seeking the Assembly’s approval for the appointment of Ambassador Maurice Loustau-Lalanne as Minister.

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