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Alaska Airlines announces three new nonstop destinations

Alaska Airlines announces three new nonstop destinations

SAN JOSE,CA March 9, 2017– Alaska Airlines is growing its footprint at Mineta San Jose International Airport and the Bay Area with its announcement today of nonstop service between San Jose and three new destinations for the airline.

Alaska will introducedaily serviceto Tucson,a new destinationfor SiliconValley’s airport,beginning August 28, 2017,and willlaunch service toAustin withdaily flightsbeginning August28, 2017.The carrier isalso initiatingfour flightsdailyto LosAngeles (LAX) startingSeptember 20. Withthis announcement,Alaska willoffer 19nonstop destinations,thelargest numberof nonstop destinations amongall SJC carriers.

“Our focuscity ofSan Joseisa keypart ofour BayArea growthstrategy andallowsus tofocus on theunique needs ofSilicon Valleyresidents, whilebringinglow fares andchoice toeveryone living in theBay Areametropolitanarea,” said JohnKirby, AlaskaAirlines’ vice presidentof capacity planning.“With thisannouncement, AlaskaAirlines andVirginAmerica willserve 19of thetop 25 destinationsfor BayAreatravelers.”

Today’sannouncement ofthe newSan Joseflights, alongwith 10new flightsat SanFrancisco International Airport tobe operated byVirgin Americaand Alaska,marksthe singlelargest new market announcementinAlaska Airlineshistory.

“Ithank AlaskaAirlines forcontinuing toprovide Silicon Valleybusiness andleisure travelers with nonstopflightsto primedestinations, bothintheU.S. andMexico,” saidMayor SamLiccardo. “Alaska’s ongoing growthat SJC is impressive,and I thankCEO Brad Tildenand hismanagement team fortheirinvestmentsinSan Joseand theircommitmentto SanJose asa focuscity.”

Alaska’snew flightswill operateas follows:

CityPair Departs Arrives
Austin-SanJose 8:45a.m.
3p.m. 2:02p.m.
4:50 p.m.
Tucson-SanJose 5:35 p.m.
7a.m. 7:45p.m.
9:24 a.m.
SanJose-LosAngeles 6:30a.m.
10:50 a.m.
2:39 p.m.
6:55 p.m. 8:03a.m.
8:28 p.m.

LosAngeles-San Jose 8:45a.m. 10:08 a.m.
1:05p.m. 2:30 p.m.
4:52p.m. 6:15p.m.
9:20 p.m. 10:44 p.m.

Thenew flightsbuild onpreviously announcedAlaska AirlinesSJC routes, includingdaily service into theNew York areawith SJC-Newarkstarting thisSunday, March12, andthree daily flightsto
Burbankstarting Thursday,March 16.

“AlaskaAirlines hasbeen ourlong timepartner andwe’re pleased tosee their ongoinginvestment inoffering thenonstop destinationsand frequenciesto theplaces SiliconValley travelers wantto go,” saidDirector ofAviation KimBecker. “In turn,we continueto investinour facilitiesand services so passengerson Alaskaandour other14 airlineshave thebest travelexperiencepossible.”

These newroutes furthercement SJC’sstatus asthe fastest-growingairport inAmerica, basedon percentage increaseinavailable seatcapacity amongthe 50 largestairports. Toaccommodate
theadditionalflights andpassengers, SJC introducedthese travelerenhancements inthe pastfew months:

 $8.2million expansionand renovationof theInternational Arrivals Building(Spring 2017 completion)
 Modernizingthe TerminalA GroundTransportation Service Center(earlySummer 2017
 Addingtwo newgates (29 and30) inTerminal Bto facilitateairline schedulingflexibility
(Fall 2017completion)

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