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American Airlines AA383 in flames

American Airlines AA383 in flames

An American Airlines plane is seen at Chicago O’Hare airport in flames.  Passengers are seen running away from the plane.  A passenger able to escape from the burning jet was heard yelling, “I will never fly that airline again.”

American Airlines flight 383 from Chicago to Miami  experienced an engine malfunction. Passengers were deplaned. So far there are no reports on injuries, but how safe is it to fly on American Airlines?


In June, eTurboNews reported about a US government orders audit of FAA over inaction against American Airlines safety violations.

eTurboNews reported on a whistleblower lawsuit alleging American Airlines has been seriously compromising the safety of its passengers through fraudulent maintenance practices.

The legal battle for safety on American Airlines dated February 9, 2016, from the US law firm of Clayton Foushee representing 6 American Airlines (AA) Aviation Maintenance Technicians (AMTs) indicated that the “AIR 21 whistleblower” filed a complaint that the airline’s managers had asked AMTs to:


– fraudulently document maintenance they had not performed,
– refrain from discrepancies they had found, and
– release aircraft into service even though not airworthy.

More details on American Airlines legal battle questioning safety was reported by eTN.

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