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Americans plan long trips to Canada, Europe and across United States over the Labor Day

Americans plan long trips to Canada, Europe and across United States over the Labor Day

Labor Day for many marks the end of summer, and according to sales data from a travel insurance comparison site, American travelers are planning to spend those last vacation days on long trips across the United States and Canada and in the U.K., Ireland and Italy.

According to the date, the United States is still the most popular destination for Labor Day getaways due to its affordability. The average trip in the U.S. costs just under $2,800 per person and averages 12 days.

Travelers heading to Canada are spending the most, with an average cost of $3,700 per person and an average duration of 11 days. Bargain-seeking travelers are taking advantage of off-season deals, spending less than $1,500 per person for week-long stays in the Caribbean and Mexico. Additional vacation breakdowns can be seen below.

Destination Average Trip Duration Average Cost per Person

United States 12 $2,794

Italy 14 $3,260

United Kingdom 15 $3,336

Canada 11 $3,759

Ireland 14 $3,481

Lowest Cost Regions

Caribbean 8 $1,414

Mexico 7 $1,047

Labor Day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers. Labor Day has its origins in the labor union movement, specifically the eight-hour day movement, which advocated eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

For most countries, Labor Day is synonymous with, or linked with, International Workers’ Day, which occurs on 1 May. For other countries, Labor Day is celebrated on a different date, often one with special significance for the labor movement in that country. Labor Day is a public holiday in many countries.

In Canada and the United States, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September and considered the unofficial end of summer, with summer vacations ending and students returning to school around then.

Since the new school year generally starts right after Labor Day, families with school-age children take it as the last chance to travel before the children go back to school.