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ANA launches its first US-focused marketing campaign

ANA launches its first US-focused marketing campaign

ANA, Japan’s largest airline, today announced the launch of its first U.S. focused marketing campaign called “Welcome to Experience Class.”

Leveraging multimedia content and integrated influencer partnerships, ANA seeks to redefine the meaning of “class” with the belief that, no matter who you are or where you sit, everyone on an ANA flight is in Experience Class.

“Experience Class embodies our belief that the journey is as important as the destination, and our commitment to providing our travelers with a unique, immersive experience from the moment they set foot on the plane,” said Tadashi Matsushita, Head of PR & Communications for the Americas.

“We’re celebrating that journey through custom music, style that pays homage to the golden years of travel and the authentic culture of Japan by bringing these experiences to life for every single passenger.”

The Experience Class campaign will live on a dedicated microsite, which will launch later this year and will be amplified through paid digital content, brand and influencer partnerships, and public relations and social support. While ANA will unveil its full influencer program later this year, the award-winning airline is proud to announce that globally renowned musician and Guinness record’s most traveled artist, Steve Aoki, is partnering with ANA to help create a music experience that immerses passengers in Japanese culture through the power of music.

Steve’s influence on the airline is evident in the first piece of content from ANA’s new campaign, which is a high-energy video introducing the Experience Class and what it means to ANA.

Showcasing the unparalleled five-star in-flight accommodations and the array of cultural experiences available through Japanese travel, the video strives to capture what makes ANA air travel unlike any other.

“At ANA, we’re not here to celebrate just one airline feature that only an elite passenger can use,” continued Matsushita, “we believe in a higher standard of travel excellence that immerses each and every passenger, no matter their seat assignment, and makes everyone feel like a special guest. We believe that to our core and we hope this new campaign will celebrate that belief with U.S. audiences who may not be as familiar with ANA.”

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