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Are you still wearing extra clothes to avoid baggage fees?

Are you still wearing extra clothes to avoid baggage fees?

Passengers who don extra clothes to avoid fees charged for overweight baggage is not an acceptable practice according to 42% of respondents to a survey conducted by The GO Group, LLC, an international ground transportation and travel company.

The survey was conducted in response to a story reported last April about a woman who wore nine extra pounds of her clothes in lieu of paying an $85 fee applied because her bag exceeded the airline’s weight limit.

Eighteen percent of survey respondents thought the practice was acceptable while almost 40% said they had no opinion.

Just six percent admitted to having layered on extra clothes rather than pay; 91 % have never done so and three percent said they don’t recall if they have or not.

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“Air travel is already pretty uncomfortable unless you are in first class,” says John McCarthy, president, The GO Group. “It makes much more sense to check your airline’s baggage polices and fees and weigh your luggage at home rather than piling on extra attire.”