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At least four killed, 30 injured when car rams into crowd in western Germany

At least four killed, 30 injured when car rams into crowd in western Germany

A vehicle has rammed into a crowd of people in the western German city of Muenster. At least four people have been killed in the incident, according to authorities.

Around 30 people are estimated to be injured.

The deadly vehicle ramming of an outdoor café Muenster took place exactly one year after a hijacked truck was driven into a crowd in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. Exactly one year ago, on April 7, 2017, Stockholm was hit by a vehicle attack, which has many similarities to the events in Germany.

Police have cordoned off the area and asked people to avoid it. The nature of the incident remains “unclear,” police said in a Twitter post urging everyone to “avoid speculation.”

Photos from the scene appear to show a grey minivan, seen among scattered chairs and tables in a narrow street. The café in question, called the Kiepenkerl, is popular among locals and tourists. It is located in the historical part of the city. The street where the incident took place is also located in the vicinity of several major shopping centers.

The driver of the vehicle has taken his own life, German police confirmed to the country’s DPA news agency. Authorities say that currently they are not looking for any further suspects, and that the danger is likely to be over.

The incident might have been a terrorist attack, the German Rheinische Post said, citing police sources. However, no official confirmation has been issued.

A Kurdish demonstration was scheduled to take place in central Munster later on Saturday. The protesters planned to rally against the Turkish operation targeting Kurdish militias in northern Syria. Around 1,500 people were expected to take part, according to German Focus magazine. Following the incident, the demonstration was called off by the authorities.