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Bad weather affects Kenya Airways flights to Dubai and Europe

Bad weather affects Kenya Airways flights to Dubai and Europe

When the weather gets that bad and visibility falls below accepted industry standards for landing and taking off, airlines are often delaying or cancelling flights, or landing at alternate airports if inbound on a long haul flight to sit out the bad weather rather than taking unacceptable risks.

Over the last few days, airlines flying from East Africa to Dubai and other UAE airports have suffered such fates due to heavy unseasonal fog covering the approach to DXB and their neighbors.

Today, Kenya Airways has made a public announcement about bad weather affecting their flights too on services to London, Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai.

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Nairobi, Dec 30th 2016… Kenya Airways wishes to inform its guests that due to bad weather leading to poor visibility, its flight schedule into Europe and UAE has been disrupted.

This had affected flights into and out of London, Paris, Amsterdam and Dubai and in some instances led to diversion of our aircraft to alternate airports.

We are working to minimize the level of disruption to our guests including seeking alternative arrangements where possible as this is facing not only Kenya Airways, but other carriers as well. We urge patience from those whose journeys have been interrupted.

We apologize to our guests affected by this act of nature and assure them that we will continue to do all that is possible to get them to their final destinations. We thank you for patience and continued support.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our 24 hour contact centre on +254 20 327 4747, email

Thank you for flying the Pride of Africa.

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As was the case in recent days with RwandAir, which suffered similar weather related delays and reroutings in West Africa and their services to Dubai, safety must come first and the crews must be thanked for making the right decisions and rather sit on the tarmac and suffer the anger and frustration of passengers than flying blind into the unknown.