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Bali airport back to normal after volcano eruption

Bali airport back to normal after volcano eruption

Nearly 450 flights were canceled today at Bali airport due to volcanic ash clouding visibility as well as damaging flight controls and causing jet engine failure.

Ngurah Rai International Airport experienced the ash fallout when the wind changed direction and brought Mount Agung’s ash and vapor to the location.

Mount Agung sent a huge column of ash 8,200 feet into the air, which affected the airport that caused flights to be canceled for around 75,000 people.

The Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation issued an orange level warning, which means there is the potential for further volcanic eruptions. It was also reported that earthquake tremors may increase.

With the winds backing off and the ash moving away, the airport is now back to normal.

Airline passengers were advised to check with their airlines for rescheduled flights.