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Barcelona nightclub reported for “sexist & humiliating advertising” towards women

Barcelona nightclub reported for “sexist & humiliating advertising” towards women

The Catalan Nightlife Association (FECASARM), member of the nationwide association SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, today reported the club which operates under the commercial name of “El Bailódromo” for carrying out illegal advertising practices with sexist content as it offered its clients 100 Euros and a free drink if they turned up without underwear.

They will take legal action together with Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Women’s Institute against this Barcelona nightclub because they consider this advertising was demeaning towards women and illegal since it goes against the Catalonia Entertainment and Recreational Activities Act (Law 11/2009): “Any sexist or vexatious promotion for men and women” – Article 22.2 (c) Their publicity also violates Article 22.2 (b) of the same law, as well as Article 15 of Law 20/1985, which prohibits offering alcoholic beverages as an advertising hook.

FECASARM sent a letter today addressed to the “Subdirección General de Espectáculos” of the Department of Interior and to the “Central Unit of Shows” of Mossos de Esquadra (The Police), with the aim of avoiding this practice extends to the rest of Catalonia.

SPAIN NIGHTLIFE already reported two years ago the phenomenon known as “MAMADING” (blow-jobs in exchange for drinks), a practice also prohibited because it is also sexist and demeaning to people and back then was spreading to different tourist cities around Spain since it began in Magaluf and reached as far as Barcelona.

Jose Luis Benitez, president of SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, who is also in charge of the association OCIO DE IBIZA stated: “We have always defended responsible and quality leisure, respectful of the rights of the people and the equality of sexes, within the framework of which we promote values like professionalism, excellence and prestige of our sector, which is why we cannot allow this kind of behavior to proliferate in our line of business. Publicity actions such as these cannot be tolerated, since they discredit the image of the whole nightlife sector and, therefore, it is necessary to act forcefully against those who carry them out.”

FECASARM have also informed the Feminist and LGTBI Councillor, Laura Pérez, who will support any legal action taken by Barcelona City Council and the Catalan Women’s Institute.

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