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Benefits of buying a four-person tent for your family

Benefits of buying a four-person tent for your family

There’s nothing quite like a camping trip when you want to get some quality time with your family. Even a night or two in an environment where you switch technology and busy timetables for fresh air and physical activity can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the world again.

But camping isn’t just something for college students and young couples to enjoy – it’s just as much fun when you have a family to take along with you, maybe more so as children love the adventure and change of lifestyle camping brings.

Camping does take some planning and organizing, and some special equipment, particularly a good tent; in fact, the tent is probably the most important thing to get right. For a family camping trip a four-person tent is ideal for many reasons, so let’s look at some of the main benefits of those.

Benefit 1 of buying a four-person tent for your family- the space it gives you

There’s nothing as uncomfortable as tripping over each other when inside the tent, or turning over in your sleep only to find yourself rolling onto someone else’s sleeping bag! Both are guaranteed to take some of the shine of the camping trip if rainy weather mead a day spent inside, or you never get a decent night’s sleep.

An average four-person tent is generally fine for a family with two smaller children, and there are plenty of options regarding shape and ad-ons which make it just as easy with older children or teenagers too.

Four-person tents may be bigger but they don’t have to be difficult to put up and take down, or need several people to do it, although some may be trickier – obviously you will be checking those aspects before buying a tent.

Benefit 2 of buying a four-person tent for your family – its weight is manageable

Four-person tents are generally just the right weight to make carrying them a fairly long distance possible- although some larger sized versions are best kept for sites where there’s not so much walking to do to get to your pitch.

Benefit 3 of buying a four-person tent for your family – you can choose from various shapes

Some people claim that you should allow around twenty square feet of space in a tent for each person who will be occupying it. Others may argue that that’s a little tight, and 30 would be better, but it probably depends on the size of the children on the trip and how much gear you have to store. For example, four sleeping bags take up less storage space inside than four air beds; while older children, (and especially teenagers) may prefer a separate space to sleep in. In these cases a tent with adjustable/removable partitions can be a blessing, giving you extra space for storage and more privacy at night.

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