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Berlin puts an end to boring meeting and convention hotels

Berlin puts an end to boring meeting and convention hotels

The challenge for event planners to find attractive hotels has been increasing. An attractive location together with exciting and fun-filled amenities is not an easy task.

Speespeicher in Berlin has identified this vacuum.

Berlin Speespeicher, located near the East Side Gallery inside a historical protected building directly facing River Spree, has been established as the number one event location in the German capital city.

The needs of customers attending events had been identified with the help of experts. Detailed research made it clear that from an event proposal to the booking process and the overall planning and implementation flow, things can be changed, so it is different from the classic event business and an alternative to the way the meeting industry has been operating. A proud CEO for the Spreespeicher GmbH pointed this out. He said: “We are proud to be a working alternative to a traditional and often boring and dusty concept in handling meetings. We like to be a cool location. Hotels have competition, including AIRBNB.”

Professional event planners are more and more on the search of creative locations that still fulfill the high standards set for this business, and the need for sellers and buyers to do business.

The meeting industry is plagued by an outdated process. It includes high cancellation and deposit policies, and inflexible options.

Speespeicher discussed this issue with partners, including Visit Berlin. Speespeicher pledges to respond to booking queries within 24 hours.

Within a day, a compact and easy-to-understand proposal with rates, and cancellation and deposit rules will be presented to the event planner. Daily rates at Speespeicher could be as low as 66 euro.

The argument that meetings in Berlin are our of reach, is no lager valid.

“Because we have our own catering team, technical staff, and equipment, Speespeicher has the possibility to offer fantastic proposals,” said Lau.

He urges event planners to check out before committing anywhere.

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