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Big December freeze set to spur over 3 million Brits to book a holiday this week

Big December freeze set to spur over 3 million Brits to book a holiday this week

New research by ATOL has found that three million people are set to book their holiday this week, as December’s snowy weather accelerates the holiday booking period for one in five consumers (21 percent).

For those who have escaped the worst of the weather in the south, it seems ‘staying organized’ (18 percent) and ‘workplace boredom’ (8 percent) has led to this spike in booking.

Despite the weakness of the pound driving up costs, the latest data, that surveyed more than 4,000 people across the UK, has found that the popularity of the USA is stronger than ever with over a million more people looking to travel across the pond in 2018 than 2017.

After enjoying adventurous gap years, the study shows millennials are now keen to holiday a little closer to home with European destinations very much in vogue for the younger generation. Spain, Italy and Greece are all top destinations of choice and Portugal is rapidly closing the gap thanks to its buzzing food scene, photogenic cityscapes and Port making a comeback. This is in contrast to the older generation who are increasingly using retirement to travel to far flung destinations such as New Zealand and Australia.

The London bubble sees those from the capital bucking the trend when it comes to travel—only 7 percent of those that live in London see Spain as their next holiday, compared to the national average of just under a quarter (23 percent).

Top 10 holiday destinations for 2018:

1. Spain
2. USA
3. Italy
4. Greece
5. France
6. Portugal
7. Caribbean
8. Australia
9. Canada
10. Cyprus

The research also revealed the destinations at the bottom of tourist’s wish lists, with Azerbaijan and Romania proving the least popular.

Least popular holiday hotspots:

1. Azerbaijan
2. Romania
3. Slovenia
4. Malaysia
5. Kenya

The research found that when it comes to booking holidays, top priorities for consumers include guaranteed sunshine, a nearby beach and even access to British TV channels.

For the younger generation, the top three priorities for a holiday include ‘good wi-fi’ (35 percent), ‘free data roaming’ (15 percent) and ‘instagrammable locations’ (10 percent). This is in stark contrast to those who are over 55—these sensible spenders are three times more concerned about having ATOL protection when booking a break (60 percent).