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Birth of a new cultural center in Dresden: Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden

Birth of a new cultural center in Dresden: Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden

Attractive, likeable, and distinct – these are three of the characteristics of Dresden, capital of Saxony in Germany. for centuries. The beauty of the city is hard to compare, and right now, new construction is making the city even more stunning.

A new center for art, culture, and creativity will be opened on December 16, 2016 within the vibrant heart of the city of Dresden from the grounds of the former heating and power plant. The building complex – a delightful fusion of protected monuments and new structures – will be the future home of the Dresden State Operetta (1 stage for 700 visitors) and the tjg, Theatre of the Young Generation (3 stages for in total 600 visitors).

Kraftwerk Mitte also offers the city’s creative scene plenty of welcoming space for studios and galleries, as well as offices and eateries. The Carl Maria-von-Weber University of Music and the Heinrich Schütz Conservatory are also readying their rehearsal rooms on the grounds. Kraftwerk Mitte has long featured the finest caliber of entertainment as Dresden’s party central since 2010 while the Dresden Energy Museum has likewise been attracting enthusiastic visitors for many years.

The Dresden state capital will have invested up to approximately 91 million euro into the project by then. Even the staff of the Dresden State Operetta have financially contributed by chipping in a portion of their own salaries for the past several years.

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