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Black Friday Shopping knife attack injures shoppers in The Hague

Black Friday Shopping knife attack injures shoppers in The Hague

Black Friday shopping brought a record number of bargain shoppers, both visitors, and locals,  to the city center in The Hague, the Capital City of The Netherlands.

A knife attack Friday night hurt several shoppers in The Hague.

The attack happened on Grote Martstraat , one of the most important shopping areas in the center of The Hague. The shopping street runs from the charming Grote Markt with its many cafés to Spui where you will find VVV The Hague and a large Pathé cinema. Many department stores are located here in beautiful buildings, such as De Bijenkorf, Peek & Cloppenburg, Decathlon, Hudson’s Bay and of course the new section of De Passage. You can shop in Grote Marktstraat seven days a week, as the stores here are open every day. During or after shopping, catch your breath at café-restaurant Rootz or on the pleasant terrace at Grote Markt. The tram tunnel that runs under Grote Marktstraat makes it easy to reach the stores by public transport.

Police said the emergency services were at the scene.  Three people were injured in the stabbing incident.

A well-informed source reports that the victims seem to have been chosen at random. According to the source, the situation reminds of the stabbing  in The Hague in May 2018, in which Malek F. killed three people

Dutch Police in The Hague posted on twitter: Have you seen anything about this incident, or do you have camera images or other images?

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